Ikkitousen (Dragon Destiny) Chouun Shiryuu 1/8 PVC Figure by Alter

Alter is going to release the Ikkitousen ( 一騎当千, Dragon Destiny) Chouun Shiryuu ( 趙雲 子龍 ) 1/8 PVC Figure on July 2008. About 210mm tall, 7,140Yen. Continue reading »

Little Busters Kamikita Komari 1/8 PVC figure by Toy’s works

Toy’s works is going to release Kamikita Komari (神北 小毬) 1/8 PVC figure from Little Busters (eroge by Key) by the end of July. Around 100mm tall, 6,800Yen. Continue reading »

Melty Blood: Act Cadenza Arcueid & Akiha prize figure by Sega

Sega is going to release Arcueid Brunestud and Akiha Tohno (遠野 秋葉) from the fighting game “Melty Blood: Act Cadenza” in March. Around 180mm tall, 1,500 yen each. Continue reading »

School Days review

Reviewed by – SoraXNagisa/Demyx_Nozomi

Now what’s your first reaction when you see this picture? ‘KAWAII!!’, right? Yeah, me too. But that’s not what this review is all about. This time, i review School Days, which i deem to have THE MOST CONFUSING LOVE STORY IN HISTORY. Continue reading »

Site Update

Just some updates:

  • About page added.
  • Looking for reviewer for both Anime and Figures. Please refer to “About“.
  • Google Ads added
  • Still working on the interface. PHP is giving me headache…
  • DannyChoo.com RSS feeds added. Working on it’s banner now, I will add it after it’s done.
  • Working on Amazon aStore, will be added soon.

Disgaea 2 Rozalin PVC Figure by Griffon Enterprises

Rozalin from the serise of Disgaea 2, Griffon Enterprises will release this figure in May 2008. Around 150mm tall, 5,600Yen. Continue reading »

Highschool of the Dead Miyamoto Rei 1/8 PVC figure by Toy’s Works

From the popular serise of monthly magazine Comic Dragon Jr.- “Highschool of the Dead”. Toy’s Works gonna release a 1/8 PVC figure of the heronie Miyamoto Rei by the end of May. Around 120mm tall, 7,800Yen. Continue reading »

Trigger Heart – Exelica PVC Figure by Toy’s Works

Toy’s Works is going to release Exelica from the arcade shooting game “Trigger Heart – Exelica” by the end of June. Around 280mm tall, 9,980Yen. Continue reading »

THE iDOLM@STER Amami Haruka Fraulein Revoltech 005 action figure by Kaiyodo

Kaiyodo is going to release the Fraulein Revoltech 005 Amami Haruka action figure form the action figure from the game “THE iDOLM@STER”. Will be released on May 01, 2008. Around 150mm tall, 2,300 yen. Special pinky limited edition is also available. Continue reading »

Fate stay night Saber & Demonbane Al Azif Garage Kit by Griffon Enterprises

Limited 100 each, Saber from “Fate Stay Night” and Al Azif from “Demonbane”, are going to release TODAY by Griffon Enterprises as Garage Kit. Around 150mm tall, 5,040Yen each. Continue reading »

Yes!Precure5GoGo Ep5 review

Reviewed – by kokoda_koji

Yes! finally can see a school event ep… For animation, this ep cannot compare to the last ep, not owing to the movement, it is because this ep does not require much action like running and emotional moment like Urara look around scene. This
ep is a kind of storytelling (like last season ep 40…). Overall is not bad, but the fighting scene is not very convincing, not due to their fighting action, it is because Karen is over-control the battle, even others come, they do not help Karen much and Karen can destroy Hoshina by herself (what’s the point that Nozomi and others appear?) The Sapphire Arrow is an impressive attack, it become my second favourite attack (1st is Prism chain^^). Also, the ending part (with the PC5 drawing) is nice. Continue reading »

New site design

I’m working on the new design for Neko Magic. It will be finished really soon. Stay tune for Neko Magic! Just Sit back and hold on tight!! =D

Chu X Chu idol Chua Churam PVC figure by Alter

Chua Churam from the eroge Chu X Chu idol by Alter. About 20cm tall, will be released on July 2008, 7,140 Yen . Continue reading »

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Kuujyou Jyoutaror PVC figure by Medicos

Kuujyou Jyoutarou from the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure 3rd series by Medicos Entertainment, 14cm tall. Will be released on mid May 2008. 5,800Yen Continue reading »

Dokodemo Issho Revoltech Yamaguchi No. 49 R.Suzuki action figure by Kaiyodo

Revoltech Yamaguchi No. 49 R.Suzuki. Same as Jun, it will be released on April 15, 2008. A tofu like robot. From the serial “Dokodemo Issho”, same serial of Toro, Kuro, and Jun. 1,955Yen Continue reading »

Dokodemo Issho Revoltech Yamaguchi No. 48 JUN action figure by Kaiyodo

Revoltech Yamaguchi No. 48 JUN. Will be released on April 15, 2008. A very cute little pink rabbit. From the serial “Dokodemo Issho”, same serial of Toro, Kuro, and R.Suzuki. 1,955Yen Continue reading »

Yes!Precure5GoGo Ep4 review

Reviewed – by kokoda_koji

Really nice ep…drawing and animation had been powered up…I wonder why ep 2 can’t be like this…I am surprised that the fighting starts 8 minute after the show starts. The fighting is very exciting…last season last ep should do like this…One thing I notice that CocoNuts don’t do much things in ep 3 and 4 (ep 3 busy replying Milk letter, that’s ok they appear less, but ep 4, when they notice Palmin appears, Coco instructs Nuts and Syrup finding the Palmin (like the leader of Palmin research teamXD), other than that they just stand/sit there and talking to Syrup…they even don’t appear in battlefield)

Continue reading »

Mai-Otome 0~S.ifr~ episode 1 review

Reviewed by GGT

A screenshot from the ED.

Continue reading »

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