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Welcome to Nekomagic.com! Hi, I’m Nekoyashiki Koyomi ( 猫屋敷 暦 ), the webmaster of Nekomagic.com. I mostly use “GGT” as my nickname so all the post here will be post under “GGT”. You can just call me “GGT” or “Neko”. By the way, I’m not Japanese. I was born in Hong Kong and moved to Canada when I was young. Hong Kong is a place that is heavily influenced by Japanese culture. I grew up with Japanese manga, anime, toys…etc and I love them all. I hope my background can help me to bring you most of the latest figure news from Japan!

  • About Nekomagic.com

Neko (猫, ねこ): is the Japanese word for the domestic cat.
Magic: the art of producing illusions as entertainment by the use of sleight of hand, deceptive devices, etc. When Neko and Magic go together, you will see some entertaining illusions produced by our lovely cats. Where are the lovely cats? You will see them really soon!

Actually, Nekomagic.com is a site with the latest news about Japanese Anime and Figures. I found that it’s very troublesome to go around so many different websites to check out the latest anime news and figures news. I know that there are many people just like me, spend hours and hours to surf the web just for those news. Therefore I decided to create this site to collect all the news in one place, to save our fellow otaku some time. =)

**I began Nekomagic.com with both Japan Anime and Figure in mind but I gave up the Anime part and focused on the Figure part later on due to the workload. Now you can only see the Anime news here in the beginning of every new anime season.**

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It takes me a lot of time to search for the news and post them here. If you want to help, you are very welcome to contact me. Or if you want me to post your anime review or figure review here, you can contact me too!

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