Black Rock Shooter -Pilot Animation- Preview


Black Rock Shooter -Pilot Animation- DVD/BR is coming really soon. Thanks to the official Good Smile Company blog, Mikatan blog, we can have a peek at this 90 seconds pilot anime. =D

You can read more information about this Black Rock Shooter -Pilot Animation- here.

This is the actual DVD.

Oooh! This scene is…!!!

The “Everyday life at the beginning”

The evening. The quality of the background is really nice!

The scene changes from here.

━━━(゚∀゚)━━━!!!! Black Rock Shooter-chan!

This scene is kinda ero.

BRS-chan got caught.

Dead Master-san!! Yeahhh!!

What’s she gonna do?


BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER Animation Project -PILOT Edition-

Official Black Rock Shooter Project homepage

via Mikatan blog