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Soul Eater anime


Soul Eater ( ソウルイーター ) is a manga written by Okubo Atsushi (大久保 篤). It is made into an anime this year and will be aired on April 07, 2008.

Oh, finally we have our first Anime News on Neko Magic!!!! It’s not like there is no anime news around at all. It’s just I’m too busy for the figure news report already. Anybody can help me do the anime news report? If you want to help, you can email me at

Anybody read the manga? I do and I like it. It is like D.Gray-man but in kiddo style, lol. If the anime is just like the manga, then it is good for all lolicon and shotacon, and have lots of fan service too. =P

Soul Eater Trailer

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