Yes!Precure5GoGo Ep3 review

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Reviewed – by kokoda_koji

This ep has nice story and drawing (though the storyline is not as strong as ep 2)…Bunbee starts to work in his new company(?), and his first job is to write a report of Precure^^ (I have the same situation as him, need to write report for assignment…Bunbee, I understand your feelingTVT) The attraction is supposed to be Syrup’s friend Melpo, but somehow Bunbee’s activity become another attraction in this ep (esp. his drawing, that’s make me laugh). In this ep, we can see:

  1. how Syrup deliver the letter
  2. why Bunbee alive (he said that he remember he can fly, so before that he forgot how to fly?)
  3. Mint’s Emerald Saucer, the attack is not what I expect (I expect something like she did in ep 43) though, it’s a nice animation, I like it. From this attack, I assume that the next three attack animations will start with cross hands.
  4. The interior and the location of Nuts House 2
  5. The exterior of Eternal (it looks like Great Britain Museum..)
  6. what Milk do in Palmier (even she is not in Nozomi’s world, she still can make troubleXD)

ok. Let’s go to pictorial comments.

Syrup as a postman, it seems like he always changes to human form for deliver letter…with this amount of letter, he has to change in human…

All letters from Milk! Milk is really nothing to do there…

Coco: we have to reply these letter?
Nuts: I’m busy with the store reopen (run awayXD)

I am thinking of their last week radio when I saw this, something like this
Coco: if we need to read all these letters…
Nuts: it will be over 3 hours, the radio show can’t end…

Close up of Melpo. look like Milk can send the letter direct to Melpo…

Are they really in Japan? I don’t think so…the left one is obviously Big Ben and the right one like Great Britain Museum….

Syrup airline appears again, this time with weird stairs..

Bunbee in worker suit. I think his position in Eternal is very low….

See how strong Bunbee is! Actual is Coconuts and Syrup are too weak…in Niconico, someone comments that Bunbee is doing proper defense.

Precure Emerald Saucer! make me think of Moon Tiara Action, but this one should be stronger than that..

Coconuts burn midnight oil three days to finish replying all the letters!! Milk really make a big trouble…

Where it is? like some where in countryside…how they do business here….