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Kantai Collection – Destroyer x Kanmusu Shimakaze PLAMAX KC-01 1/350 and 1/20 plastic model kit set by Max Factory

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Max Factory is going to release the PLAMAX KC-01 Destroyer x Kanmusu Shimakaze ( 駆逐艦×艦娘 島風 ) 1/350 (ship) and 1/20 (character) plastic model kit set from the popular web game/anime “Kantai Collection” ( 艦隊これくしょん ). Will be released in October 2015. Ship is around 370mm long, figure is around 100mm tall, 7,800 yen. Kit is NOT pre-painted nor completed.

  • You can order her here:

——Description from Manufacturer——

A 1/350 scale destroyer with its 1/20 scale Kanmusu both as a plastic model kit set!

Ever since the start of the Kantai Collection -KanColle- the Japanese Navy’s fastest destroyer has been in the spotlight, and now it has been transformed into a 1/350 scale plastic model – the first Shimakaze plastic model to ever be made in this scale! The various parts of the ship have been carefully thought out and separated by different cast colors making for an easy to build and paint model for even beginners to the plastic modeling scene. Not only that, but the details of the ship are also faithfully preserved creating a detailed ship model that anybody can complete!

The included display base includes space for the 1/350 scale destroyer, the 1/20 scale Shimakaze character as well as the included Rensouhou-chan to all be displayed together! The Kanmusu character of Shimakaze is similar to the minimum factory series, and is also an assemblable plastic model pick with color-separated parts that need to be connected together. The eyes are included as decals which can easily be stuck on once the model is complete. It’s a whole new experience to the world of plastic model building brought to you by Max Factory – be sure to try your own hands at putting Shimakaze together!

  • The destroyer and character are separated by five mold colors. Simply putting them together even without paint looks great!
  • The turret of the destroyer can be replaced with the head of the included Rensouhou-chan for an alternate display.
  • The building instructions are included as a full color 16-page booklet. Even beginners will be able to put the model together!
  • The various markings of the boat are included as water application decals. The searchlight and windows use foil stickers.
  • A specially shaped translucent blue display base is included to display the ship, Shimakaze and Rensouhou-chan all together.
  • The package box art features an amazing illustration done collaboration by Yoshinori Shizuma and Katsuyuki Hoshino.

* Photos shown on this page have certain areas painted.
* This model requires cutters and plastic model adhesive to assemble. These are not included.
* Standard plastic model paint can be used to paint the finished model.

Max Factory’s Plastic Models are now ‘PLAMAX’!

Max Factory’s plastic model series began with the Fang of the Sun Dougram series, and are now set to continue with the creation of the new ‘PLAMAX’ series! The series will not only include anime mecha, but also scale and other figures in the future! Look forward to the upcoming developments of PLAMAX!