Vocaloid 2 – Snow Miku Dollfie Dream doll by Volks

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Volks is going to release the Dollfie Dream Snow Miku ( 雪ミク ) doll from the popular singing synthesizer application “Vocaloid 2″ ( ボーカロイド2). Will be released in January/June 2016. 65,000 yen. Volks exclusive.

This DD Snow Miku is super cute!! For those of you who want to get this DD Snow Miku, you can pre-order her at the “Snow Miku 2015” festival from February 5-11, 2015 and you will get the Miku in January 2016. Or you can pre-order her at Volks stores from February 14 – April 12, 2015 and you will get her in June 2016. For more detail, please visit the DD Snow Miku project schedule HERE.