Yes!Precure5GoGo Ep2 review

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Reviewed – by kokoda_koji

For storyline, this ep is really nice. For drawing, as rakuem said before, part B (when Coco is in the library) is much better than part A.

What we can see in this ep:

  1. What’s Cure Rose Garden and how to go there, I did not hear properly what it is (tonight watch it again), but I know that 4 kings/queen are needed to open the garden.
  2. the location of Palmier, for the picture, pls see the kida_star comment in my last post.
  3. Syrup seems to dislike Nuts as well, but not as strong as Coco
  4. Eternal seems to be a Museum, becuase the Medosa woman (I can’t remember her name…) said “Kanchou” (the head of some exhibition building, like library,
  5. Bunbee appears! and having interview with Eternal staff. (if I am not wrong, he is already hired in this ep)
  6. A triangle love scene (?) between Syrup, Coco and Nozomi (Yes! it fulfil one of my wish)
  7. A group (without Nozomi) transformation. The split scene at the beginning, but the butterfly preview has changed, it is the nicer way to transform in group. However, I think if they can say metamorphosis together in 1 scene instead of split scene will be even better. (though I expected they will treat it this way for group henshin)
  8. New monster(?), Hoshina~ (means I want it…)
  9. Dream’s new attack~Precure shooting star
  10. The shot mode of Cure-mo, and something about Palmin (will explain later)
  11. Coco, Nuts and Syrup can be Eternal and Palmin detector.
  12. Why Nuts house changes (say it later)
  13. Melpo appears (but this review I did not screenshot it)

Ok. let’s go to pictorial comments!

In this ep A part, the drawing is really distorted. The victims are Coco, Nozomi, Nuts, Urara and Karen.

Firstly we look at Coco in part A:

then part B (in the library):

I am not sure who draw part 1, but part 2 is definitely the original character designer draw it. (may be because there is love(?) scene, the director asks her to deal with it. It is a good decision)

Nozomi (part A):

library scene:

THEY ARE THE SAME PERSON! it looks like when the love scene come, she is beautified…(same as Coco)

Other victims in part A:

Main distorted feature: close eyes (Urara and Nozomi) and weird side face (Nuts and Karen, their other view looks ok), but why Coco’s face completely changed in part A…T^T

Here are main nice scene (have to end that distorted nightmare):

The fighting scene is nice in the whole ep. In part A, I think it is the nicest scene to see..

Yay! Welcome back, Bunbee^^ his comical face is still the best^^

Why Nuts House has to change? because the last Nuts House(suppose to be a store room) was rent to someone. (by Karen)

Karen, same as last season, still think this kind of building is small…

FYI, the entrance is on the left hand side. (not the brown door)

Syrup, I know you are care about Nozomi, but you don’t need to sneak to her house balcony..

My favourite scene, triangle love (?) scene^^ I found that Coco like to look sideway in this ep..

Kururu ball….no…it is Hoshina-ball appears!

Close up of Hoshina, it looks not as scary as Kowaina~ for precure monster, I like Kowaina the most.

Precure shooting star! nice animation. I think this attack is quite pain to Nozomi, as she herself goes and crashes to the enemy.

Cure-mo Shot mode to capture Palmin.

Some comments I saw in nico are interesting that I would like to share:

  1. Anacondy is a woman version of Kawarino
  2. When Anacondy said “Kanchou”, some viewers think of Lacus…^^
  3. CocoNozo (not only this one, YPC5 ep 39) is described as Noon Drama (in Japan, the Noon Drama most likely are romance story, I think)
  4. When Scorp meet Coco, it’s another version of Kururu vs Dororo, but this time Dororo is weak..
  5. Scorp is a nice guy (he didn’t interrupt when Coco talk to Dream)
  6. Nozomi’s body is growing….(can be seen from her breast in Precure shooting star sequence)

some addon to ep3:

  • Komachi receives the letter from Melpo before Melpo disappears.
  • Melpo pass Nozomi letter when found.
  • FYI, I think the name “Melpo” is come from Mail post.