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Yes!Precure5GoGo Ep1 review

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Reviewed – by kokoda_koji

Nice! Nice! Everything in this ep are excellent! So nice that I capture over 30 images for this ep..really a nice morning today because of seeing this ep….before going to pictorial comment, let me list 3 point about Syrup:

  1. He don’t like Coco (as he refuses to deliver Nozomi’s letter to Coco)
  2. Eternal knows him, and seems always getting info from him
  3. He does delivery whoever request (e,g, if Bunbee asks Syrup to deliver his application letter to Eternal, Syrup will do that as well.)

ok, let’s start the pictorial comment!Firstly post some pictures of op:

In SS, Flappi and other mascots sings chorus for the ending, this time Coco and others sings chorus for op

Nice! Milky Rose!

Flora appear nicely

The credits is blocking the nice picture….>3<

This may be what happen in Japan nowXD

Look like they are standing in the New York city at night…

New Year Firework should have this XD


Now review the ep:

Syrup: Wanna post letter? I (DHL) will do it for you (the dialogue created by me thoughXD, the original dialogue is saying similar thing)

A letter from Utena’s school?
Syrup: No. A letter from Bandai XD

New toy, no…new item appears!

In YPC5 ep 1, Coco snatch Dream Collet from Nozomi; this time Syrup snatch Rose
pad from Nozomi.

New enemy appears! forget what’s his name….voice by Nagisa’s father.

Syrup hugs Nozomi tight to save her…later will change to…

Show the eyecatch first^^

Very Big Bird!(is it a bird? dunno)

silly dialogue here:
Syrup: Welcome to Syrup airline. Please fasten your seatbelt.
Nozomi: but there is no seatbelt….

This airline(?) change to a small mascot. Urara said he is cute, and Rin said mysterious animal appears again

very cool appearence! Coconuts! but why in human form? (may be they want to be cool once.
Coco: Just in time for our radio on Tuesday..
Nuts: So how about Palmier? It still hasn’t revived completely yet. also Eternal destroy our room..
Coco: let Milk to handle this^^

Lastly the beautiful transformation:

1. Dream:

Left picture pose make me think of Nagisa

2. Rouge:

One of my favourite henshin! She should transform in China or Canada, as her
henshin can make these places warmer..

3. Lemonade:

My another favourite henshin! Children should not imitate the left picture pose,will hurt..

4. Mint:

accidentally capture 3 for Mint..hers transform faster than the first 3 cures.

5. Aqua

Very cool>0< Aqua!

Their transformation altogether is over 3 mins! In last post I think Sailor moon has the longest as I had to see sailor moon henshin every ep! However now, I
think this one may longer than Sailor moon…

The ED I didn’t capture because I capture too many pictures here. ED animation is wonderful as well. Kurumi’s expression in ed really looks like Milk