Yes!Precure5GoGo Ep6 review

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Reviewed – by kokoda_koji

Honestly, I like ep 6 more than ep 5 because there are more things happened in this ep than the last one. I quite like the Donut King. He is a classical high-esteem, stubborn king, but his appearance is quite adorable. When he first appear, he is noisy like Milk and not believe Pc5 like Nuts. This ep is also like reflecting me as well—not enough sleep…The fighting is much better than last ep, at least the other cures had done something in the battle. I found that the fighting scene with Scorp is much better than Bunbee. Bunbee has to work hard in the battle…

in this ep, we can see:

  1. The different type of letter in Syrup delivery: red letter is special delivery. Someone in nicovideo asks why the letter is red, I think because of the phrase “red letter day”(= important day)
  2. Donut King personality: Besides the above description, he appreciates people who work hard for others, like Rin, Syrup, Coco and Nuts (yet he doesn’t approve that they are kings. Nozomi and Urara said he is stubborn, but I think Donut King has his point)
  3. Donut King can’t get out of Rose pact before his recovery
  4. Donut King can’t sense Coco, Nuts and Syrup when they are in human form.
  5. Donut King is smart, it can be seen when he convince Syrup
  6. Eternal members’ task are writing reports and collecting things
  7. Rin’s family appears (only flashback though)
  8. Rin’s attack (a topical attack, it is not a bad attack, but not everyone can accept)
  9. The change of the openings (some errors had been corrected, like the Nozomi and Urara’s floating hand, Coco’s clothes (right after the floating hands) and Precure standing in the night city)
  10. Syrup is infamous (by Donut King)

Let’s go to pictorial comments! Go Go!

Firstly, I would like to show one of the change in opening:

Left is before change and right one is after change. Precure look more dimensional after adding the spotlight

In this ep, the Donut is the attention:

Same as Nuts first appear, he wakes up with angry face (the only difference that he does not hit anyone)

From Coco and Nuts greeting to Donut, Donut seems have to be highly respected.

Comparing to Coco and Nuts, he is more like a king/leader

Remember the Palmin which Karen capture in ep 3? This apple is used for Donut’s food. There are comments in nico that that palmin die because Donut eat it. I don’t think so. Probably this palmin is still in Karen’s phone, and his job is to give apples to the kings and queen. I don’t think Toei would like to show “animal slaughter” in the anime…

the comparison of Donut and Coco act in the battle. Coco looks weaker than Donut here. Though Donut is also weak, but the way he acts doesn’t show that….oh no, with the strong Syrup and high esteem Donut, how Coco and Nuts stand out in the show?
Today’s Scorp:

he becomes “Panda”

He need to relax after work, so he asks Rin to play football with him (*joking*XD)

Today’s PC5 (without Rin):

We can see Nozomi’s drawing again

They are distributing the flyers. The camera like wanting us to pay attention to Coconuts, from the order of eye scaning (from right to left)

One of my favourite scene in this ep, Rin should invite these two to football team

Shooting star is shooting Scorp! another nice scene
This is the topical attack–Precure fire strike :

Actually the attack is not bad, but the hitting impact is weak, hopefully Toei can fix it (will they?)


The close up of these three guys. Except Syrup, Coco and nuts do not have much close up, esp. Nuts (the close up only the side face in the beginning..=( )
Nuts, I thought the Nuts house is your shop, why you have such reluctant expression?

Nuts House open in this ep, but only few minutes! (because of Milk’s tricking letter). The words on it may be written by Coco and Nozomi. Nozomi write the English words and drawing, Coco write the Chinese character.

They go to Palmier by Syrup, don’t they afraid of falling down? it look insecure

Long time no see, Rin’s family.
Now it come to Extra, today’s extra:

  1. Episode relationship and transformation, attack grouping
  2. A character that look like Komachi–Minatsuki Hikaru

For episode relationship, it shows as follow:

ep 1–ep 2
ep 3
ep 4–ep 5–ep 6–ep 7
ep 8
ep 9
ep 10–ep 11 (prediction, dunno yet)

For transfomation:

Body stretching group:
Dream, Rouge, Aqua

Elegant (?) group:
Lemonade, Mint

Dynamic group:
Rouge, Lemonade, Aqua

Element cover group:
Rouge, Mint, Aqua

Particles (?) group:
Dream, Lemonade

For attack:

Throwing group:
Lemonade, Mint

Shooting group:
Rouge, Aqua

Crashing group (should be individual):

Dynamic hitting group:
Dream, Lemonade

Lenient hitting group:
Rouge, Aqua

Don’t know which hitting group Mint into. Toei seems proposely not letting Mint to hit hoshina because they still can’t figure out how Mint hit the Hoshina….

Anticipation group:
Rouge, Lemonade, Mint

Action group:
Dream, Aqua (actually she is also belonging to aniticipation group, but comparing to anticipation group, she is more active)

Single item group:
Rouge, Mint, Dream (can it call an item?)

Two items group:
Lemonade, Aqua

Item surrounding group:
Lemonade, Mint, Aqua

Energy collection group:
Dream, Rouge, Mint

Spinning group:
Dream, Aqua

face close up group:
Mint, Rouge, Aqua

Three shot group:
Dream, Rouge, Aqua

Two shot (or less than that) group:
Lemonade, Mint

If you don’t understand my group, please review their transformation and attack.

I had a long time didn’t watch Kirarin, but recently when I research on Kirarin clips, I saw this:

first thing in my mind…Komachi! What is this komachi-like face? Previously, I heard that Komachi look like Lettuce in Tokyo Mew Mew, so how about this one? …like Komachi child version (but not in good quality).

This character is called Minatsuki Hikaru, had been Kirari’s partner for a while…by seeing her first appearance in Youtube, I don’t like her. Her hair style should be different from Komachi, but the way the animator draw looks like Komachi.