Yes!Precure5GoGo Ep48 review (End)

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Reviewed by kokoda_koji

This is ep 48 review, also the last PC5gogo Review. This ep….is excellent! Especially the drawing! The rating (in stupendous post) shows that Gogo has the lowest among other Precure series, but I still think that this is the best ending among all…Let’s talk about this ending with previous Precure ending.

So far I only fully watch the 1st season ending, PC5 and this one. (Max Heart and SS are partially watched). The following list is the endings of Precure series in brief:

Precure (1st): fighting in Nagisa’s world/city; Mascots sleeps after the battle, and Nagisa and Honoka meet Kiriya reborn as a human…

Max Heart: fighting in the city and up to the universe; after the battle, Hikari and mascots are apart Nagisa and Honoka for a while and reconcile again. The main event for the ending is graduation. Oh yes, the kid (in dark zone) become Hikari’s brother, Hikaru.

SS(the ending is not sure): Seems fighting in the nature…after the battle, the mascots are not together with Saki and Mai I think, but Kaoru and Michiru are still in the same school with Saki and Mai (my assumption only)

PC5: the shocking ending among all series, PC5 persuade the boss, Despairah successfully..after the battle, Pc5 have to separate with Coco, Nuts and Milk, and Nozomi(if I am not wrong) describe the process of Pc5 pursuing their dreams.

PC5gogo: Nozomi (and PC5) become the manager of Cure Rose Garden, they can go to the Garden and Palmier whenever they like (they need Syrup to take them to Palmier of course), Milk become the tour guide of Cure Rose Garden, Syrup has no change, Nuts rules the country whereas Coco goes for journey and meet Nozomi again (like PC5 ep1 at the end. Bunbee opens his own company with a subordinate who looks like Kawarino. The only sad thing here is Flora disappear and become a seed at the end.
So…the happiest ending should be MH right? I am not sure for SS, but the first season and PC5 goes for sad(?) ending, and gogo is having both happy and sad ends…(the happy things are more actually, so this ending can be considered as happy end)…
For the TV rating, I think PC5 gogo is the same case as Wedding Peach, which the children does not get the idea well of the show…Wedding Peach case is that it is famous in oversea but when it first aired, WP is not as popular as Sailormoon (though the character design is the same person), not only because the audience see it as Sailormoon imitation, but also the content. In wiki, it said the henshin phrase is difficult for children to understand..and both PC5GG and WP goes for more mature topics…WP is romance/love (more in details than Ojamajo and Sailormoon) and PC5GG goes for Value (have described romance as well, but not as much as PC5), it is a good topic but it is hard to be understand for 4-6 kids (their main target)…

In addition, this series has the lowest TV rate among all Precure series…(I don’t know why, the drawing suppose to be better than last season, yet last season has higher rate than this season…)

oops, I’m out of the topic. There are many things to talk about in this ep, and these things will be listed in the following section. Before that, I would like to talk about the new series, Fresh Precure. Seeing the Preview after this ep, I am thinking: actually Peach appearance is not too bad when she is in side and 3/4 view…but the monster (forgot the name) is not very impressing to me…in the Preview, I think only the enemies impress me…and seeing Love board about the sub characters…they looks better than the main one don’t know why…also the comic version of FPC is well-drawn…for the main characters, I prefer to see the comic ver. About the FPC info, I will post in a separate post.

What we finally can see in this ep:

  1. Why Flora gives the seed to the Boss: because she want the Boss to know the miracle of planting the seed…Actually Flora wants to have a patient and caring person to take care of the garden…but the Boss is stubborn and thinks that he can seize the things when the things become valuable. Also, if the Boss receive the seed and understand what Flora means, he will be the manager of this garden.
  2. Mailpo’s letters: This is the turning point of this ep. Mailpo gives out many letters to Precure and these letters gives Precure and Milky Rose power. (this power is so-called the power of thought)
  3. Mascot Powers: pls see pictorial comment for further details. Coco and Nuts is not useless like last season, they can cast shield for protecting Flora and PC5+Rose. Also, I have to mention the cool Donut! He cast a ball to hit strong he is! After that, Coco, Nuts and the kings/queens combine their power and deliver to Precure for final attack. In these 3 eps, each mascot have their own roles:
    • Coco/Nuts-open the garden gate, give power to Precure(Coco) and Milky Rose (Nuts), protect Flora
    • Milk-fighting as Milky Rose
    • Syrup-wake Precure up and bring them to Cure Rose Garden, take care(?) of Flora and persuade the Boss
    • Donut– open the garden gate, stop Coco and Nuts to go to Eternal (ep 46), attacking Hoshina, and combine powers with other kings/queens for final attack
    • Babaroa,Crepe,MontBlanc: open the garden gate,combine powers with other kings/queens
  4. Precure and Milky Rose combine attacks: why attacks? because there are 2 combine attacks. Pls see the pictorial comment. The first combine attack is come from Mint’s Saucer, I name it as Precure Milky Rose Rainbow Saucer XD and the second one, everybody knows, is Precure Milky Rose Floral Explosion. The attack is very nice and the giant Floral is scary (it may be children’s nightmare…)
  5. the Boss’s true face: eh? I thought the yellow hair version is his true face? NO, his real face appear after being attacked by PMR Floral Explosion. Yes, we finally can see the one in the OP. This face is definitely better than the one we saw from last ep. Why don’t show ear!ier? I prefer he fight in this face more…
  6. Anacordy’s reappear?: Her position looks some sort like Bloody pulling Kawarino to death, but it is slightly different. Bloody pulls Kawarino is hate, but Anacordy takes(?) the Boss away is love…Anacordy here looks like tragic character more than villain.
  7. The future of Flora and Cure Rose Garden: for Flora..she disappears and become a rose seed and ask PC5 to plant her. It also mentions why Flora asks PC5 (actually Nozomi) to the garden, she want Nozomi to be the new manager of the garden. Nozomi takes the position and decides to make the rose blooming in the whole world, so she leave the gate open forever. In this case, PC5 can go to Cure Rose Garden and Palmier whenever they want. (Another reason of this is Syrup can take them to these places)
  8. Mailpo’s birth: Actually it is a rose planted by Syrup, it like Syrup so much, so it become a postbox form to help Syrup.
  9. Coco x Nozo moment: This moment I like the most, they meet again just like how they met in ep 1 in last season. The details can be seen in the pictorial comment.
  10. The future of PC5 and mascots: These also can be seen in the pictorial comment. For the future of PC5 and mascots, I’d better list them out:
    • Nozomi-being the manager of Cure Rose Garden, at the same time she still pursue her dream as a teacher. This one can be seen the very last scene where she has tuition with Coco(I like that pic very much)
    • Rin-help to take care the garden with Karen, at the same time she is doing more accessories designs
    • Urara– She perform to Palmier, as well as to public on her mother’s stage
    • Komachi-writing and reading her novel to Palmier people
    • Karen-help to take care the garden with Rin, and she take care the Palmier people (like nurse)
    • Milk– she want to plant more Blue Rose in the garden, so she return the rose to the garden, so she can’t change to Kurumi anymore (I think). She become the tour guide of the garden
    • Syrup– take care the garden, and send the letters to anywhere (I think he helps to send Nozomi’s letter more)
    • Coco– go for journey, and meet Nozomi again. I think he will be staying with Nozomi for a long time before his next journey…(also I think he doesn’t need to care so much for Palmier, as Nuts take care most of the timeXD)
    • Nuts– being the King of Palmier, also sometimes help Komachi in proofreading her story.
  11. PC5 and Coco’s new clothes: This is the last service to us XD. They have new clothes except Nuts(Syrup and Milk doesn’t even have human form at the end). Pls see the pictorial comment as well.
  12. The song Ashita, Hanasaku, Egao, Saku (Tomorrow, Flower Blooms, Smiling face, Blooms): This song plays at the end of the ep, starting from Nozomi meeting with Coco. I think it is the first and the last image song playing in YPC5 series. It is one of my favourite PC5 image song^^

Let’s go to our last PC5 Album! (pictorial comment)

Recap from last ep:

it starts with this boss face

and this face, eh? his face looks better in this ep…

PC5 boost their power…

Becoming super cure to fight with him…but the Boss is really powerful, Precure have to change super mode to fight with him..

and PC5 become roast butterflies…

with Hoshina balls as decoration..

This is the new dish- Hoshina Roast Butterflies…but where is Milky Rose?

She is here…quite badly injured

Meanwhile, the staff gives us a historial portrait of Hoshina help to stealing thing in the past?

Why the Boss head is so small here..

Our dear Flora is still sleeping…

Oh…Mailpo receives letters from Precure fans, and now it emits the letters!

What did the letters say?…”We want to see Precure and Milky Rose combine attack”

ok, these will be showed in the next few pictures.

This is so-called “Precure Milky Rose Rainbow Saucer”! It is a nice attack (should be defense) This attack has to start from Mint, follwing by Rouge, Lemonade, Aqua, Dream and the last, Rose.

Hey, there is a Hoshina coming towards PC5! but what is this golden shield from?

Coco and Nuts! Now They can protect Precure! If they are in human form, should be something like this:

(*pls ignore those badly drawn hands) remember where their suit from?

and Syrup won’t sit there and do nothing, he tries to persuade the Boss. If he persuades the Boss in human form, should be something like this:

Why I draw them in human form? because I think they look cooler in this form for these actions, but I also understand why the staff don’t draw them in human form, as they are too outstanding XD for Coco and Nuts, they have another reason for not transforming to human form. If they transform to human form, they don’t have enough power for summoning the shield.

FYI, this is the first time drawing Syrup.

eh? the Hoshina is still here?


Oh! Donut! You are so cool! This is one of my favourite scene as well!

and these mascots make pose in this ep as well! (See Donut and Babaroa)

The mascots combine power and call out the power of blue and red rose!

Milky Rose get fleur finally and cast out a blue rose! perhaps selling Milky Fleur can earn more moneyXD

Don’t forget the 5 red roses from PC5. (why don’t just come out a red rose?)

The Legend of Blue and Red Rose begins!

So Pc5 are using Miracle light 1 x5 and Milky Rose is using Miracle light 2 to defeat the Boss XDDD

I like their poses here….but the position Milky standing is too outstanding, as if she is the leader of Precure (Nozomi, you have to be careful, there are two people aiming for your position XD)

and this is Precure Milky Rose Floral Explosion!

instead of being purple rose, the rose is polished red and blue. The Boss tries to defend it, but…

Flora appear! I thought you are still sleeping? Yes, she is stil in her “bed”, and this Flora is coming from Floral Explosion (because it is called Floral, Flora has to come out?)…This Flora make me think the giant Rei in Eva…Scary…I think this will be another children’s nightmare after the scary Komachi dolls…She hugs the Boss to death|||

Because of this scary Flora, we can see the real face of the Boss, yes, this face is the one in the opening! In last review, I had asked for the curly hair, the curly hair is from this face. This face is definitely better than his powered up face…Why don’t just fight with this face….What is the blue particle besides him?

Anacordy: Kanchou~

Oh, it’s Anacordy! She is the one make the boss not able to defend from the attack…so this ep tell us Love can also be scary thing XD

Finally (Expectedly), Eternal Museum is collapsed…

I am thinking if the motif of Eternal is British Museum…they look alike…in British Museum, those exhibition items were from the World War, when British invaded many countries, collected many treasures at that time, and these treasures are stored (gathered) in the British Museum.

Let’s say farewell to Flora…this is her last close up…

Now come to the ending:

before that I have to post last season ep 1 to recap:


ok, why I have to post this clip? because the next few pictures are related to this:

Starting with falling Nozomi…again?

and as usual (?), someone hold her back by hugging her…

Yes, that person is Coco! He is back from his journey and waiting for Nozomi coming to this alleyXD

Coco: you are still the same, Nozomi.
Nozomi: You too, always appear suddenly.

Appear suddenly? I feel that he is proposely to be there…You are right, he is no change that always doing such “misunderstanding” moves. Oh yes, Coco changes his clothes! It is very nice, and suitable for Coco. Nozomi’s has new clothes as well. This time she wears boots. Very cute clothes^^

Coco…you are still hugging her? This scene can see he doesn’t want to stop hugging herXD

but Nozomi has to stop him.

Without the next pic, it seems like Coco is disappointed that Nozomi asks him to release her…but actually…

Nozomi hands him her letter.

The next 2 picture are the future of Nuts and Milk

Nuts become the king…and farmer as well? No, he is dealing with Palmier’s agriculture..

Milk is the tour guide of Cure Rose Garden

The following pics can be the wallpaper (by clicking the pic to enlarge):

Komachi becomes a storyteller (telling the stories which she creates)

Urara will be Palmier famous idol soon.

Karen should open a hospital/nursery here. Very nice pic.

Urara on Stage! Very Pretty!

Finally we can see Nuts X Koma…poor Nuts, he only has side face in the ending (but he is still better than Syrup). Komachi new story–Friends in Rose Garden…she want to create story like Utena?XD

This is also a nice pic. Rin is showing her designed accessories to her siblings.

And this one!! My most favourite pic! Coco x Nozo! this pic become my desktop wallpaper now!

See how close Coco sitting to Nozomi XD (I don’t think he will sit so close to other students)

Also I had seen in Precure Love board that someone post some altered versions of this pic, they are playing dirty jokes with Coco.

It’s decided! Here we can see PC5 new clothes. Karen does not look like OL anymore XD
Komachi really know how to pose here. (She pose differently from others)

Last Cure Dream pic, with angry face (this angry face should apply to FPC ep 1 today…)

4 more wallpapers from YPC5 and PC5GG (click to enlarge)

and thank you for reading such a long review.

Last but not least, I would like to show the above pic found in Precure Love board. These are the last ep portraits from 2004 to 2009. We can see for Precure series, the ending pics are only the 1st Precure and Pc5, some more PC5 took over 3 last ep portraits. I think that the last ep portraits shows the staffs’ interest to the animes…but SS and FPC are being ignored….

Sorry, I had been forgotten to post Bunbee’s future, here it is:

He manage to open his own company, with Kawarino like subordinate XDDDDD

Finally finish writing this review, sorry for waiting so long for this review…Today I had watched a bit for FPC ep 1. I will start writing later or tomorrow…The op and ed are disappointing to me… For op animation is fine, but the song is bad…comparing to all Precure season…the ed…make me think of Keroro ed 1 and Kirarin stage 3 op…(I had seen the last post saying that the ed is good, well for 3D models, they are definitely better than Kirarin, but I don’t like this ending, don’t know why) Others I will write in the FPC ep 1 review…