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2012 Spring anime Part 6: OVA/OAD/SP I

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2012 Spring anime Part 6: OVA/OAD/SP I

  • Maken-Ki! (OAD)
  • Koi-ken! ~Watashi-tachi Anime ni Nacchatta!~ (Mobile)
  • Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple (OVA)
  • High Score (OAD)
  • Kimi no Iru Machi (OAD)
  • Nekogami Yaoyorozu (OVA)
  • To Heart 2: Dungeon Travelers (OVA)
  • A-Channel+smile (OVA)
  • Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san. (OVA)
  • Mirai Nikki (SP)

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(March 01, 2012)


The TV anime series Maken-ki! is created by studio AIC, based on an action romantic comedy manga by Hiromitsu Takeda. The original story centers around Takeru Ouyama, a boy enrolled in an elite school where the girls (and boys) fight with mysterious items called Maken. The student body includes the enigmatic girl Kodama, a girl named Inaho who calls herself Takeru’s fiancée, and his childhood friend Haruko.

  • Release Date: March 01, 2012
  • Studio: AIC
  • Note: bundled w/ LE manga vol.8
  • Homepage:

(March 01, 2012 @15:00)


The web anime Koi-ken! is created by studio Marvy Jack, based on a mobile dating-sim game that depicts the campus life of members of Renai Kenkyuukai (The Society for the Study of Romance) or “Koi-ken”. The protagonist’s “extremely ordinary” high school life changes overnight when he encounters Kaede, a girl who is returning from living abroad and transferring into the school.

(March 14, 2012 / May 2012)


The OVA adaptation Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple is created by studio Brains Base, based on Shun Matsuena’s manga which also inspired the 2006 TV anime series. The OVA’s two episodes are bundled with the 46th and 47th manga volumes.

(March 15, 2012)


The TV anime series High Score is based on Chinami Tsuyama’s “high-speed” four-panel gag comedy manga, whose shoujo-oriented story follows the misadventures of some nonsensical high school students.

(March 16, 2012)


The OVA adaptation Kimi no Iru Machi is created by Tatsunoko Production, based on Kouji Seo’s school romance comedy manga also known as A Town Where You Live. The story begins when a girl named Yuzuki Eba suddenly moves from Tokyo into the countryside home of a high school boy named Haruto Kirishima.

(March 21, 2012)


The Nekogami Yaoyorozu OVA is created by studio AIC Plus+, based on a comedy / slice-of-life manga by FLIPFLOPs, and follows the 2011 TV anime series’ final volume release. The “neighborhood deity comedy” story follows the cat goddess (nekogami) Mayu, who is living an easy life at an antique shop ran by Yuzu Komiya, where other goddesses are also starting to make an appearance and enjoy merrymaking.

(March 21, 2012)


The OVA adaptation ToHeart2 Dungeon Travelers is based on the 2011 spin-off game of the same titled developed by Aquaplus for the PSP. The game is in turn based on Manaka de Ikuno!!’s dungeon crawler Final Dragon Chronicle, and features characters from the ToHeart2 franchise in a fantasy dungeon role-playing game.

(March 21, 2012)


The OVA adaptation A Channel + Smile follows the 2011 TV anime series created by Studio Gokumi, based on bb Kuroda’s comedy / slice-of-life manga A Channel, about four high school girls: the flighty Run, the reckless Touru, the timid Yuuko, and the level-headed Nagi.

(March 23, 2012)


The TV anime series Yondemasuyo, Azazel-san. is based on a supernatural gag comedy manga authored by Yasuhisa Kubo, which also received two OVA episodes created by Production I.G in 2010. The story revolves around the detective Akutabe, his assistant Rinko Sakuma, and the various magical demons that Akutaba uses for his cases – including the titular Azazel.

(March 30, 2012)


The TV anime series Mirai Nikki (The Future Diary) follows the 2010 OVA / pilot of the same title and is once again created by studio Asread, based on a manga series by Sakae Esuno. The main character Amano Yukiteru is a high school boy who has problem making friends. He thinks of himself as a bystander and will always write down everything he sees in a cell phone diary. Tormented by solitude, Yukiteru began to imagine things like a friend called Deus Ex Machina who is apparently the Lord of Time & Space. Seeing Yukiteru’s miserable state, Deus gives him a new ability. His diary will now record events that will happen in the near future. Yukiteru is then forced to participate in a game which the winner will become Deus’s successor.

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