Yes!Precure5GoGo Ep47 review

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Reviewed by kokoda_koji

This is ep 47 Review. The first thing I would like to say…Bunbee! You are so cool! and finally Dream calls his name and thank him! He looks happy^^ I am also happy seeing this. Bunbee wants to take Milky to the place where Precure is there, but he doesn’t not say it out. He just open the secret route for them. I think that’s very cool! Another cool thing is that Bunbee is wearing Nightmare suit again!(after ep 26, we did not see him wear this anymore…)

We can see the Boss face in this ep. He looks younger than I thought. My first thought to the Boss face is like the one in OP. At first I am not used to seeing his true form, but later I feel that this is a good design as he looks cruel and furious, comparing to Despairah, he looks more like to the last boss we normally see. I think we can expect an exciting ending for Gogo as this boss is not easily persuaded like Despairah. In addition, he can control the whole world through Cure Rose Garden, so it explains why Precure have to protect Rose Pact so far.

About the wings on Precure, this time they are more useful than Movie. In Movie(last season), the wings are only the booster for 5 explosion (and put the crystal back to the original place). In this ep, although the design are not as nice as the Movie, Precure use it to fly and attack the Boss. Shooting star and Prism chain are nicely used with the wings. Others are very cool as well.

Oh yes, don’t forget Coco and nuts, unlike last season, this time they can cast barrier for protecting Flora.

For FPC Trailer, this is very short…only hope that the story and the animation will interest me….

So what we can see in this ep?

  1. Bunbee!: the main thing we can see in this story? not really, but because of him, PC5 are saved. (though Syrup’s speech make them come around)
  2. Interaction between Flora and the Boss: I can’t remember what exactly they talk about, I only know that the Boss is going to take away Flora’s important things, including the roses in the garden…
  3. Precure 5 revive!: They are recovered by Syrup’s speech and the seed is one of them in the Boss letter. So what the other 2 Seeds for? That’s not the main point here. Super Precure appears again. Though the wings’ design are simpler than the Movie, PC5 looks more unite as the wings are the same to all, this won’t make Dream too special.
  4. Coco and Nuts protect Flora: I think this is the first time for them protecting someone besides PC5..but I would like to see they protect Flora in human form…(since Toei had designed their kings’ suit in human form)
  5. PC5 attacks with the wings: I think this is the most excellent scene in this ep…too bad I can’t capture any pictures for these.
  6. The Boss real face: pls see the pictorial comments.
  7. The Boss power: He is very powerful that he can take control of Palmier, Earth, Cure Rose Garden and so on.

Now let’s go to pictorial comments!
Firstly to show the cool Bunbee’s face:

Bunbee: Hi,everybody~
He looks different when he is wearing this suit…

Precure figures are still in monotone.

Later Syrup receives a letter from Bantai (actual is PC5)

Nozomi here is very cute^^
(dingdong!) Nozomi: Please wait for a moment.

So Syrup has to break seed like Kira Yamato in Gundam SEED to color PC5 figures XD
Also, by seeing this, perhaps the other two seed are blue rose seeds as well.

New Bandai Product—Super PC5 PVC 1/8 scale figure are here.

On the other hand, the Boss is throwing black ball to Coco and Nuts…

Nuts is already in despair…this expression in mascot makes Nuts look weaker…

Coco: are we coming to the end…?
for this show…it is near to the end….

PC5: flying in the sky (羽ばたく空に)! (I thought this is Mai phrase…)XD
What’s that? Bird? Butterfly? No, they are PC5 + Milky Rose + Syrup

It looks simple, but I like these wings more than the Movie one, don’t know why….

Before seeing the Boss true face, let’s recap his normal form that we had seen so far.

First thought of this scene: Bunbee eyes! and with the curly hair, I expect he will be a handsome mid aged man…

Now come to his true face:

This thing shows that he is the strongest Hoshina! (of course, he creates Hoshina)

This hair….it disappoints me…the face is a bit like Bunbee, but he does not look very old like OP to me…where is his curly fringe?…seeing this face, I know why he has to wear mask…

finally we can see PC5 enemy invades the Earth.

This face look much much better than above.

…when will you wake up, Flora….you can’t just sleep there and watch Pc5 fighting with the Boss…

Next Ep:

the boss seems to be further powered up in the last ep.

Dream also needs to power up…by the way, where is her wings?

again, New Pc5 (with Rouge as the leader) is formed in the last ep.

So next review will be the last review for Precure 5 Gogo…for FPC, I am still thinking if I want to do review per eps, but I will write some reviews on some eps for FPC, such as the 3 FPC gathered, transformation, attacks, climax of the series, all 4 FPC are gathered…