Yes!Precure5GoGo Ep46 review

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Reviewed by kokoda_koji

This is ep 46 review. This ep is…very exciting!! Mukadia really doesn’t die….(actually it can be known by Rainbow Rose attack last week, Mukadia did not sink to somewhere)Someone also guess correctly that he want to take over Anacordy, so he steal the letter (but in my view, he want to know the letter content just because of his curiosity)Many things happens in this ep, PC5 turn into stone, Mailpo is lost, Syrup recover his memory etc…and there is a touching part, i.e. Anacordy’s love towards the Boss, I feel pity to her when seeing her die….but I think if 4-6 years old kids can understand this kind of plot? Anyway, the story of this series does not look like kid show since it starts XD

Actually, in last season, I think Kawarino also love his Boss Despariah (but not so obvious like Anacordy), but comparing to Anacordy, his is only loyalty. This ep is detailed interpreting Anacordy’s love towards the Boss, she can lose her life for him…

In addition, our dear Bunbee appears! He takes Mukadia to Eternal…that’s why ep 47 he can takes Milky and Syrup to find PC5…

Oh yes, after this ep, there are two trailers–FPC and PC Movie DX, the FPC…I think the art won’t change when it is on air…the enemies are drawn much much better than the three girls…about the three girls’ pose, I like Berry’s turn. Peach pose herself with making heart shape by her hands…it is cute but I don’t like, as it make her look more like Lucia… For the Movie, I think FPC won’t appear much, this movie is similar to the game, all star but PC5 is the main, but I look forward to it. Also, Peach in the last scene is much better than TV

What we can see in this ep:

  1. Triangular love between Flora, Anacordy and the Boss: basically the formula is like this:
    Anacordy>Boss>Flora; Anacordy hates Flora so much as Boss likes her more than Anacordy (but it is not sure that if Boss love Flora, only know that he always think of her)
  2. Mukadia is still alive!? : yes, he is still alive (but only up to meeting the Boss), his “mission” to be alive are to deliver the letter to the Boss (hey, you are doing Syrup’s job) and take Bunbee to Eternal (Bunbee takes him to there in actual, make a reason for Bunbee to be in Eternal)
  3. Mailpo is lost: sucked by the mysterious black hole(which is cast by the Boss)
  4. Milky Rose vs Anacordy: She suggests to fight against Anacordy as she had fighting experience with Anacordy. Also, their fighting reasons are similar–to protect someone
  5. Syrup’s memories recovers: he remembers that he was raised up by Flora, he was born from an egg. One day Flora asks Syrup to hand a letter to Eternal Boss, but Anacordy attacks him on the way.
  6. Mukadia and Anacordy’s death: both are killed (or being sent to the dark zone) by the Boss. Mukadia was killed as he is useless…(Bunbee sees this and feel that he cannot go back to work in Eternal)Anacordy was killed because she trys to stop the Boss going to find Flora. I think if Anacordy does not stop the Boss, the Boss may not kill her…
  7. PC5 become statues: Anacordy change them to stone to fulfil the Boss wish for PC5 collection. However, when Anacordy use Medusa power (change to stone power), her body become weaker and weaker. After all PCs become stones, she is exhausted. but why Milky Rose is not included? because she is not Precure…(and very poor thing that the Boss is not interested in her)
  8. Bunbee appears again: as mentioned before, he appears to take Mukadia to Eternal for meeting the Boss. At the same time, Bunbee thinks that he can go back and work in Eternal…he is still finding job now. What happened to his waiter’s job in ep 42? perhaps either it is a temporary job or he is fired..
  9. The letter content: please see the pictorial comment
  10. PC5 attack combine together: it is another nice part in this ep! please see the pictorial comment
  11. FPC and PC Movie DX showed at the end of the show: FPC this time we can see few transformation poses (actually is the poses right after they transforms…it looks more like MMPPP to me than Precure…) Pc Movie DX is really nice, really want to see^^

Let’s go to pictorial comments!

Bunbee, long time no see! but why are you finding job? What happen to your waiter job?

Don’t be too upset, Bunbee, there are many people who cannot find a job

Bunbee discovers something?

A sleeping beauty XD? No, he is Mukadia..

Mukadia is very strong…still can escape from Rainbow Rose even he was trapped by Anacordy

Bunbee is thinking of going back Eternal to get a job…

Mukadia…very fast recovery…

finally the Boss (we) can see the letter, only three seeds inside

Mukadia died again, this time we really say goodbye to him…

Bunbee: Ahhh….if I go back and work here, I will end up like when I was in Nightmare….

Today’s Hoshina (may be the last Hoshina), look like the same as ep 31

New attack for PC5, I name it as Precure Emerald Prism Strike Shooting Arrow!

Yes, this is the combination of Emerald Saucer, Prism Chain, Fire Strike, Sapphire arrow, and finally Shooting Star!

Why don’t they use this for previous (after ep 25) Hoshinas?

of course the Hoshina is destroyed, but why they don’t use Rainbow Rose this time? (I thought Coco is there)

Mailpo is sucked into somewhere!

Flora’s raising diary here.

Meanwhile, Anacordy turns PC5 to stone!

Coco: Dream….!
Nuts: Mint…!

Donut stops Coco to go to Eternal

Donut: How can you left us here and go & act cool!
Other kings agree XD

Finally, new Precure PVC figures 1/1 are produced! Bandai, you should think of making this PVC figures (PVC figure 1/8 ep 46 version XD)

the Boss gives the figures holder and put them to his collection room.

Anacordy stops the Boss to go to Cure Rose Garden.
Anacordy: I won’t let you go!

….and the Boss attacks her cruelly!

Goodbye, our dear AnacordyT^T

Bunbee: Anacordy also end up like Mukadia!? it is dangerous here….

Next ep:

Where is it?

this is before change and after change of the Boss (like only color change)

I am very concern on these four wings on PC5’s back! Super Precure are back?
and where is Dream? Does she appear to be Shining Dream?

Fresh PC trailer:


Besides seeing her cheering face…

I prefer seeing her crying face (it draws better than her happy face)

What I care about is the 4 Linkrun, their colours are: Red/Pink, yellow, blue and purple? if the one near Chiffon is purple, the colour concept is really like Wedding Peach–Pink (Peach), Blue (Lily), Yellow (Daisy), Purple (Salvia)

I think it is the temple in ep 1 intro..

New yuri formed?

I think FPC will be the weakest PC in all the series…

The enemies looks better than the three girls…really..Soura really looks like Mukadia

This pic saw right after the FPC trailer, I don’t know what it is for…CM?

Movie DX Trailer


14 mascots are escaping from Hoshina….

Mai is hugging Coco and Nuts together, it’s new^^ (Coco and Nuts are happy too)

Nagisa and Saki really looks like they are twin sisters XD

I think Peach is not fit into Precure group, by seeing this pic…