Yes!Precure5GoGo Ep45 review

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Reviewed by kokoda_koji

This is ep 45 review. After a week, we can finally watch the climax part of the whole series. Everything is nice in this ep, except a scene where Pc5 + others photo with Syrup hand…(that one looks odd to me) I am concern on the relationship between Syrup, Coco and Nozomi…This ep emphasize a lot Nozomi & Syrup, as if they have better relationship than Urara x Syrup suddenly…Mugadia finally dies…like Bloody, trapped by their superior…but Mugadia one is more reasonable that Anacordy has the reason to kill him, unlike Kawarino (he killed Bloody just because he is useless, like clearing rubbish). However, why Mugadia want to know the letter content? just because of curiosity? or want to threaten Anacordy? May be we know it after knowing the content of the letter.

I like the last part the most, though the gate make me think of Sanctuary in Saint Seiya…I’m excited when Anacordy appear, telling me that next ep will be a very exciting ep^^


After the ending song of PC5gogo, we can see the trailer of Fresh Precure… this is my comment:

For the art, it seems to be worse than previous Precure…As you know that I don’t really like the character design of PCSS, but for the art (the way the artist draw), it is more firm than the coming Precure. The character has good design (only refer to their normal form, not their Precure form (for Precure form, only Pine design is nice), but they look weak…I had seen the last post, someone had said that FPC pose are floaty, I am strongly agree. In my impression, Precures usually have hot-blooded pose after their transformation (that’s one of the reason I like this anime), even the helper, Luminous and Milky Rose, well, Milky Rose has hot-blooded pose actually….Luminous does not really take a pose (she only open arms and stand there), but her pose is steady… (it is so-called Kiai in Japanese)but look at these girls’ pose…is the same level as Mermaid Melody…Hopefully the drawing will be corrected when actually on air, otherwise it will be disappointed…

Seeing the recent post about the staff and cast, I finally know why the character design become so fancy….the character designer had been drawn Sailor Moon stuff previously, unlike PCMH and PCSS, the designer who previously drew Dragon Ball…but the story of FPC can be looked forward as the director is the one directing all Futari ha movies.

From the cast of FPC, I feel that Toei is saving their cost of production…(that’s why the drawing like this?)For the cast of Love, she is not a well-known cast…I can’t comment her voice until I see the actual one…Miki’s voice I remember she sings MMPPPP op…and Seira voice (she sings quite well)…then Inori’s voice, I know that she had acted a Super Hero film (not very famous film, called Voicelugger) with Kusao, and the girl holding flower in Macross 7. I had checked Wikipedia and just know that she is Nanase Miyuki in Kintaichi (just nice Kintaichi is Tart in FPC)

The enemy for FPC has better design than the three girls…besides Pine, they are the 2nd thing that I can look forward in this series. Oh yes, I feel that the Soura is so alike to Mugadia…hopefully they are not the same castXD


For PCSS, I only watch the fighting part in the first ep, the animation looks better than the first two seasons, perhaps because they fight with magic power…if the main character design are not so alike to the first Precure (and the clothes not so funky), probably it will be the best Precure season. I am watching the TVB version, Saki is not so used to it at the beginning…but watching this version can forget that Saki is alike Nagisa…


What we can see in this ep:

  1. Syrup’s anxiety–in the beginning, Syrup has nightmare of PC5 and other leaving him… he is worried that after his memory is recovered, he can’t be with them…
  2. Nozomi x Syrup?–this ep shows a lot Nozomi and Syrup relationship, and feel that they have stronger relationship than Syrup x Urara…this plot link to ep 1(and 13?), but not connected to the middle part of the series, where Syrup and Urara build up their relationship…what I mean is this should show Urara/ Lemonade save him, together with Dream instead of only Dream save him (even Dream is the main heroine, she should be positioned well according to the plot, hope that you understand what I am talking about)
  3. Mugadia’s action and death– Mugadia steals the secret letter in the first place, so Anacordy traps him when PC5 attacks him with Rainbow Rose, he can’t escape and die. He steals the letter and show it in front of Syrup in order to force him to remember the content of the letter…(but I think he doesn’t know the content even his memory is recovered). Also, Mugadia want to hand this letter to the Boss to make Anacordy having trouble…we can see that the relationship between Anacordy and Mugadia become worse..
  4. The four kings and the ceremony of opening Cure Rose Garden– Syrup fetch the 4 kings from their kingdoms, to open the garden gate. How they open the gate? Please see the pictorial comment.
  5. Palmier Crown divides into two–it is out of the sudden that the crown divide into 2…but this shows that Coco and Nuts power are stronger than last year (i.e. they have grown up)
  6. Cure Rose Garden Gate appear–this is the main theme of this ep…the gate, as I said above, making me think of Saint Seiya… but the design is very nice…and Eternal Boss know the gate appear as well. Nozomi can walk on the lake to the gate.
  7. Anacordy’s reason to Cure Rose Garden–want to kill Flora (because of jealousy)
  8. Fresh Precure trailer–pls see the pictorial comment or the last post (Stupendous one)

This is the time for pictorial comment:

At the beginning, we can see Syrup’s nightmare–scary PC5~

coming to the end, but the evil staff do not forget to make Coco x Syrup XD…
Coco seems like to sit on other people’s bed and wake them up…last season is Nozomi, this season is Syrup…

Syrup sees the same scene as the nightmare, will it be….

like this?

Nozomi tells us that the nightmare won’t happen by holding Syrup’s hand…
Coco’s smile on the right looks like jealousy to me XD

The last king (forgot the name|||) finally recovered, found that he is not so active as the last three king/queen…

Nozomi x Syrup moment part 1–pushing Syrup…the way Syrup push away Nozomi is cute^^


Mugadia sneaks into Anacordy’s office? but why he get hurt? because of this:

He touches the forbidden drawer! (As we know the secret letter is inside)

At last he successfully steals the letter and find Syrup(suppose)

This picture is like he is taking photo in front of unusual event…actually he want to introduce…

Hoshina~! Why today’s Hoshina is coin? perhaps he still remember he lost Karen in the coin guessing game in Precure 5 de Chance…

This is the famous(?) scene where Karen has breastXD

This Hoshina is stronger than Shibiretta that it can totally defend from Fire Strike

finally we know what’s this scene is about, it is Aqua vs Mugadia (seems Mugadia really hate Karen)

PC5 is in pinch!

the four kings appears! Long time no see! (esp. Donut^^)but they are being hit…
Donut: We had not appeared for a long time…we just appear today and we get beaten…What a bad luck…!XD

Syrup is badly hurt!

again Coco x Syrup XD Usually when Coco acts so cool in a particular scene, the following scene will…

being beaten and change back to mascot..
Nuts: Coco, I had told you not to act cool…

The “family” photo appear! I think that it looks odd showing like this…

Dream x Syrup moment part 2–saving Syrup from Mugadia…
Dream become a strong woman ^O^

This is the funny scene where Syrup’s hand appear from the photo|||

Dream x Syrup part 3! I think the one standing beside should be Lemonade

Mascot team is formed! I think that this season has the most mascot among all. Coco, you seems to be fat again XD

New Precure 5 is formed! with Rouge as the leader (and this forms a real Super Sentai(usually red is the leader))

Coco & Nuts: Don’t forget us!
oh yes, the crown finally can split into 2!

Anacordy traps Mugadia when he want to dodge Rainbow Rose. Goodbye, Mugudia…

Why Dream is drawn so boyish here?

Dream x Syrup part 4–getting up and watching each other…
if I am not wrong, he had not look at Urara like this before..

After the battle, the two guys quickly change back to human to get our attentionXDD

Secret hands to Syrup! Who is these Secret girlish hand? this does not belong to one of the PC5 as they are in front of Syrup. Milky? but these hands does not have gloves…so the persons left are Coco and Nuts…Nuts’ skin does not look like this, also he won’t touch Syrup hand like this. Hence, the hand is Coco’s hand.

Finally, all the kings gather and open the gate.

and this is Sanctuary like gate…

oh, who hate Flora so much that wanting to kill her…

These two guys finally can act cool without being beaten at the end of this ep…
First time seeing them hugging other mascots…

The door open and go to next ep!

Anacordy: let me introduce my final form in the next ep!

Kowaina~ Medusa like Anacordy! Very excited to next ep!

After this ep, we can see Fresh Precure trailer…this is the logo (most of us know it already)

Seeing the art, I also want to cry like this…
This crying scene make me think of Kirari

After couple mascots and boy’s pair mascots, this time is parent (babysitter) and child

Eas here really looks like Kiria

This pose… is so weak….weaker than Wedding Peach….(but actually Wedding Peach does not really pose much…)
Here is a Extra–Precure 5 Gogo last two eps info and first two ep of FPC:
(from Precure channel)

  • ep 47 気持ちをひとつに!青いバラの奇跡!!
    (All thoughts combined into one! The Miracle of Blue Rose)

    The Boss enters the garden before PC5. Pc5 (they will become stone in ep 46)become the Boss’s collection. Milky Rose goes to Eternal with Syrup, and Bunbee appears in front of them. He leads Milky and Syrup to Pc5 location. Syrup believes that Pc5 are still alive.
  • 最終話 未来へ!永遠不滅のプリキュア5!
    (To future! Unbeatable Precure 5!)

    The Boss finally dominates Cure Rose Garden. PC5 have a great fight with him. Meanwhile, Mailpo appears and emits many letters to the Boss. PC5 never gives up and gives power to Coco, later a miracle appears!

Fresh Precure
The background of this series is the street called Clover Town Street, which is full of friendliness. Labyrinth’s President Moebius intends to conquer all the dimension. To do this, he needs a infinite memory called “Infinity” (probably this thing appear to be a memory card). He assigns his three subordinates to find this. Love, Miki and Inori are childhood friends. They form a dance unit and aim for winning the dance contest. They transform to Cure Peach, Berry and Pine to protect everybody’s smile!

  • ep 1 もぎたてフレッシュ!キュアピーチ誕生!!
    (Modelled Fresh! Cure Peach is born!)

    In Fairy country….
    The elder of the fairy goes to Precure Forest and pray in the corresponding temple. When the world is in danger, if someone pray here, the Legendary warriors–Precure will be awaken.

    Suddenly, a thunder strikes the temple! The elder sees the four Linkrun flying somewhere through the dimension..Meanwhile, Love goes to the dance unit Trinity event. On the way, a huge Monster Nakewameke(ナケワメーケ, that’s why it is Fresh Precure…they don’t use XXna as monster name anymore, but this name looks like those Kamen rider monster name…) appears, making the event into chaos. Love tries to protect her idol, Miyuki (the leader of Trinity). Suddenly, Linkrun (the fairy key) appears and goes to her mobile phone, then she transforms into Cure Peach!

  • ep 2 つみたてフレッシュ!キュアベリー誕生!!
    (Accumulated Fresh! Cure Berry is born!)

    After the battle in ep 1, Tart appears in front of Peach. According to Tart, she is the legendary warrior, Precure, who stop Moebius’ ambition. Love is shocked of hearing this. Tart carries Panda-like fairy baby, Chiffon from Sweets kingdom. Tart tells Love that they need to find the other three Precure. (so it should 4 Precures at the end of this series, the setting is really alike Wedding Peach) Meanwhile, Miki encounters Vending machine like Nakewameke, she transforms into Cure Berry to protect her brother, Kazuki(和希)