Yes!Precure5GoGo Ep44 review

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Reviewed by kokoda_koji

Merry Christmas! This ep…er…I prefer last year Christmas ep..The only interesting part is Syrup’s memory, finally he recovers his memory, for the details please see what we can see in this ep. For the main plot–discover the real Santa, this plot had been used many times…well, this show is for kids…but I think they can make use of Syrup for this ep, because this is the first time for Syrup to have Christmas… The drawing is very horrible, esp Coco…

What we can see in this ep:

  1. Mugadia’s action–he read through PC5 report (by Anacordy) in order to defeat PC5. This shows that Anacordy has make a detailed research about PC5, and she will be a strong enemy.
  2. Anacordy’s attitude to Mugadia–she treat Mugadia badly in this ep…even Mugadia is Ikemen, Anacordy won’t forgive his continuous failure
  3. Syrup’s memory–we should thank Mugadia, he found out something about Syrup and force Syrup to remember…Though Syrup is suffering in the process, at last he remember that he had delivered a letter to Eternal Boss, this letter is from Flora and Anacordy keeps this letter.
  4. Real Santa Claus and Eternal- Santa’s sled had been stolen by Mugadia as Eternal collection and this sled become Hoshina.

ok, let’s go to Christmas Album (pictorial comment)!

This is the 2nd Christmas for Nuts House.

Nuts is reluctant to wear the Santa suit…

These are the examples of Ikemen Santa…but the drawing is really horrible, see this Coco|||

Rin: Please wear this, the audience want to see your Santa cosplay…
Nuts: Don’t push me! and I don’t want to wear it!

The present bags drop on Nozomi! but why no one help her to move away the bags?

Karen receives the unknown letter and…

and unknown receiptXD (actually it is the present list)

Meanwhile, in Eternal

Mugadia is reading…

Precure 5 Fanbook! (created by Anacordy)

and this book is?

Syrup Secret File! (also by Anacordy, she really like Bishounen)

Anacordy: How dare you view Eternal X Files!

Mugadia: er…Sorry…I don’t know these are X Files…I thought these are your secret album…
Anacordy: \_/

Syrup x Urara christmas date^^

and they meet Santa who is unconscious

Curemo last advertisment…we won’t see Curemo after Jan 2009.

By the way, Cure mo really use often for communication beside transformation (as they said in the beginning of the show)

Coco/Nuts: Thank you for coming Nuts House *radio version*

There are no male customer in this pictureXD of course, this shop is for ladies (mainly)

this is the situation after the last ep of Coconut radioXD

I want to be the Santa here (by Karen’s fan)XD

At the same time, Santa tells them his sled is lost…where is his sled?

It is here…but

It becomes Hoshina! but what are these robotic arms?

This evil staff…creating a new BL pair…It is a good source for Fujiyoshi Harumi (from Zetsubou sensei)

This is the love letter to the Boss (from Flora)XD

Anacordy: I won’t let Flora to see the Boss!

The promised Christmas Cake appear!

a more horrible Coco appear! Kowaina~

I have to show this to comfort myself:

Very nice illustration! Why they can’t draw better for the first 4 Vol. of Coconut radio…this is Coconut best album jacket

The Vol 5 jacket is quite good illustrated:

The pictures are from

Lastly, PC5 wish us Merry Christmas!

Next ep:

Yes! we can see handsome Coco Nuts in next ep

I am concerned on this attack…

Syrup is in another dimension!

Next ep should be more interesting than this ep!

and these are the info for the last 3 eps (from Precure channel):

  • 46話 開かれた扉(仮)
    ep 46 The opened gate (temp)
    Cure Rose Garden garden has been opened, but Anacordy is hindering PC5.
    The Boss moves when he know the gate is opened
  • 47話 キュアローズガーデン(仮)
    ep 47 Cure Rose Garden (temp)
    Milk and Syrup go to Eternal to save Precure 5, and the Boss meets Flora.
  • 最終話 芽吹き(仮)
    last ep (ep 48) Bud blows(temp, the transition may be bud bloom)
    no info yet