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Yes!Precure5GoGo Ep19 review

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Reviewed – by kokoda_koji

Many surprising things happened in this ep, such as PC5 summer suits, Karen’s piano practice, Milk appears again, Babaroa surprising act…etc. The drawing is very good, the fighting is ok, but of course can’t compare to last ep…I like the storyline, but a disappointment (or thing that is unexpected) is that I can’t see Aqua and Milky Rose defeat Hoshina by themselves.. In addition, I quite like Milk/Kurumi in this ep.

Let see what we can see in this ep:

  1. Karen plays piano–in last season, we know that Karen can play violin (but she never plays in any ep). This time we finally can see Karen plays piano, and she plays very well^V^
  2. Karen’s house–long time no see, pls refer to pictorial comments
  3. Karen’s study room–first appear in the series
  4. The place where Karen parents are now–in France, pls refer to pictorial comments as well
  5. Milk appears again–long time no see from ep 14
  6. PC5+Kurumi summer suit–very cute suits! ( pls refer to pictorial comments)
  7. Babaroa power and CureMo new (? we know it from the toy) function–Babaroa make CureMo have communication function (originally mobile phone should have this function), and CureMo now can communicate with
  8. How Syrup deliver the letters– pls refer to pictorial comments
  9. What Karen want to write to her parent–she want to tell her parent about her future dream
  10. last season ep 34 Flashback–should thank to Kurumi that she let us recall ep 34, when Karen takes care of Milk

ok, let proceed to pictorial comments

Post Karen’s piano performance first:

Karen look elegant here^^

Here is the exterior of Karen’s house, and it is Karen’s study room (why we can’t see Karen’s bedroom…)

Now is the time to show Pc5 + Kurumi summer fashions:

Nozomi’s and Kurumi’s suits are very cute. Karen doesn’t look like OL anymore…look like only dream wear skirt, others are either shorts or trousers…how about the three guys? we can’t see their suit in this ep but in the next ep :

Nuts’ suit looks like the same as last season…for Syrup, we only can see his back…I am not sure if he change different shirt (but it is also in orange), but it is sure that he has a cream colour vest. Coco’s suit is not available yet here…I am looking forward to it ^^

Come back to the story, Karen practice piano for her parents, as she receives the letter from her parents, they said that they will be back to Japan soon. Karen wants to let them hear her piano performance when they are back home.

Here is the air mail letter from her parents:

Her parents seems send the letter to Karen from a France hotel

Look at the letter drafts…Karen is like not good at writing letter…and when she is puzzling, Kurumi disturb her:

She complains Nozomi’s carelessness…

Nozomi left the Rose Pact in the piano room…but why nobody help her take rose pact at that time…

Kurumi is here not only to complain that she has to purposely take rose pact back, but also she gives advice to Karen.

Long time no see…Milk form…

Really long time no see, Milk, but I prefer to see this form when she is beaten by Eternal (I’m quite meanXD)

do you remember ? Before she become Milky Rose, she is too free that she writes tons of letter to Coco and Nuts. What she said is right that writing letter is expressing sender’s feeling straight forward through words, but should be in concise, not writing tons of letter like Milk…

This is the book Shibirreta read, and this is the book to bring Karen and Milk to Urashima world. Where is the book from? I understand none of the words in the book..

Cast of New Urashima Tairou:

Milk-Tortoise (doesn’t fit at all…)
Karen-Fisherman (Urashima Tairou)
???(cast made by Shibirreta)- Children

This is the first time to see the cast other than PC5 members & mascots. Karen is very boyish here, that’s why the children call her ‘Brother’, and Karen stuns..

According to the original story (edited version), Urashima saves the tortoise from the children. Karen saves Milk by:

giving fishes to the children, but when Karen has so many fishes?

Following the original storyline, they see the Dragon castle, but they are not living there…

Have to run from Hoshina! The Hoshina here is cool! Milk become Kurumi for escaping. Why we can’t see Coco and Nuts change from mascot to human form when escaping from enemy?

Eyecatch–Karen in ep 34 last season

Oh no…Babaroa wakes up! Her machine gun talk begins..

Oops, this time she can’t have her talk as she knows she is in danger, so she asks..

Why don’t you use this one?

As we know, in previous Precure, Mobile phone is mascot’s home, and work like Tamagochi besides using for transformation. In PC5, the mascots’ destiny had been changed. The CureMo in this series was used for transformation and catch Palmin so far, and now…

Babaroa makes CureMo looks more like mobile phone. Karen can contact to other Pc5 members even she is in Eternal’s world, some more can talk to more than one person. Coco and Nuts should have CureMo, so that they can contact to Nozomi and Komachi in the future. (assume that Nozomi and Komachi have one at the end of this series)

But how PC5 reach Urashima world. In the picture, Nozomi has an idea, and she said they go to Urashima world now! What is her idea? see the following pictures (this also explain how Syrup deliver the letters to the correct place):

First, they have to send a letter to Mailpo (with their wish of meeting Karen and Kurumi), and then Mailpo become the indicator, leading Syrup to the destination.

and this is the letter content:

“Karen, Kurumi, we definitely go to meet you”

I think the letter is written by Nozomi, because only Rin and Nozomi call Kurumi without san, also there is no Chinese character in the whole letter.

Here are the transformation in summer suit and Urashima cosplay suits,

and some fighting scenes (not many) in the following:

I like the part when Karen attacks Shibirreta, it’s very cool. From here we know that Shibirreta’s hat can act like Emerald Saucer (defense version)

different from the original story, the dragon castle collapses!

Urara admires Nozomi for thinking of the idea. Kurumi also ‘praise’ Nozomi, but in a mean way…

I feel that Nozomi become smart in the critical moment, unlike Sailor Moon. As magical girl team leader, I like Dream among all. (FYI, my second favourite leader is Wedding Peach)

So what Coco, nuts and Syrup have done in this ep:

Listening to music, acting doll, eating, becoming Eternal sensor….Syrup at least saves PC5 in the battle, but Coco and Nuts….really do nothing in this ep|||

Next week there is no Precure 5 gogo, so the review rest for next week as well.

Next next week:

Nuts, who do you like? Komachi or me?

Next ep: Nut’s choice, Komachi or Madoka XD (original title: Komachi and Madoka’s Dream)