Yes!Precure5GoGo Ep43 review

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Reviewed by kokoda_koji

This is ep 43 review. Finally the Boss get out from Eternal…We can’t see Nozomi studying with others, which is new. There are quite a lot Nozo X Coco scene, and Coco is very cool when he face to the Boss, but too bad he can’t stand for a long time like ep 39 last season…This ep is similar to ep 39 that the content are NozoCoco+ meeting Boss. However, the Boss this time is more terrible than Despairah, from the way he make the school disappear…I am looking forward to this series ending (in this case I don’t think the Boss can be persuaded like Despairah). The fighting is very nice as well! It’s better than ep 43! Black Rose vs Rainbow Rose is impressive~

Besides that the storyline is very well done. Actually these 5 eps are nice as these are Pc5’s ambition series. starting from ep 39 (Karen), ep 40 (Urara), ep 41 (Rin), ep 42 (Komachi) and this ep Nozomi. As we know she is not good at studying, and this is the main obstacle to her ambition (teacher). It is surprised that Otaka give advice to Nozomi before Coco^^ (I did not expect she appears….). I also feel that Nozomi is more mature(?) in this ep that she want to solve problems independently.

By the way, Precure love had captured a scene where Dream is drawn like adult, does anyone know where in this ep

What we can see in this ep:

  1. Nozo X Coco scene~ in the 1st part, we can see that Coco keep tracking Nozomi since he sees Nozomi in the library, and give advice to her in the classroom…By the way, what book Coco want to find in the library? by seeing the memo on his hand, perhaps he help Nuts to find books…
  2. Otaka appears~ this time she appears to give advice to Nozomi (quite a surprising scene), describing her growth will be like the tree
  3. Nozomi Sensei?~before she go home, she stand in front of the teacher desk, acting as the teacher, but at the same time, she is upset that she is not good at studying, she can’t be a good teacher in the future…and Coco sit on the student seat and give her advice
  4. Eternal Boss appear~ he appear to test Pc5 power, and want to find out why Flora choose PC5 instead of him
  5. Flora appear and explain why Eternal Boss is not chosen~ She said that as Eternal Boss want to dominate the garden, so she close the gate, disallow him to go in.
  6. 5 Hoshinas with Pc5 power~ Devilman like Hoshina, absorbing Pc5 attack and attack them with several PC5 attack(i.e. when Rin shoot a Fire strike, he return with 5 fire strike)
  7. Black Rose vs Rainbow Rose~ the black rose is from the 5 Hoshina, the details can be seen in pictorial comment.
  8. Syrup cooks hotcake~ better than those two prince, he can make his favourite food by himself

pictorial comment(ep43 ver.)

First, we will see the Boss dreaming of Flora

I think he had fallen in love with FloraXD

On the other hand, Pc5 are busy studying for their exam (after ep 11 in last season, we never see them studying for exam…)

Our dear Syrup is peeking Pc5|||
Syrup: i can’t see Urara fro this angle..

Nozomi is not in the study group…where is she?

At the same time, Coco is finding books for Nuts..

Hey, aren’t you finding books? A class teacher keep watching a student…

On the other hand, Syrup make his special hotcakes to please the girls

Nozomi meets Otaka…by the way, why Otaka is here?

look like a scene in Splash Star (I can’t tell which one, but in my impression of SS, there are many tree scenes)

Nozomi: The lesson begins

Coco: I have a question, Yumehara-Sensei.
I also have a question, Coco, are you watching Nozomi from Nozomi stepping into the classroom? The pose tell me it is like Coco is watching Nozomi for a long time…

Coco: can I be your student?
and CocoNozo scene starts

a nice Coco close up^0^

Coco: who is interrupting us?

Eternal Boss appears in front of a huge sunset

Meanwhile, a new hotcake dishes is finished. Hey, Nozomi is in danger, you all still have the mood to make this!

Back to the live, the Boss is approaching Nozomi

Coco: I can’t lose to Nuts in last ep! Nozomi! I will protect you.

but in the next scene..

He become mascot and fainted|||

The left scene looks more like he is going to change to dark Coco (the movie one) than getting hurt from the Boss..

This shows that he is more terrified than Despairah, he can make the school disappear…

From here, we can see Nozomi’s school is very large.

This scene feels like we are in last ep…

Other cures are unhappy that the Boss forgot about themXD

These shadows….Kowaina~

Devilman like Hoshinas

Here are the Precure attacks in Hoshina version:

1. Hoshina Dark Strike

2. Hoshina Dark Chain
why its movement is nicer than the original one?

3. Hoshina Dark Saucer
4. Hoshina Dark Arrow

5. Hoshina Blizzard!

Hoshina: this is the revenge for Scorp!XD

and the last one-Black Rose Explosion

black Rose vs Rainbow Rose

by the way, we can’t see Hoshina Shooting Star…

Next Ep:

Mugadia appears again! and Syrup’s memories is going to recover

PC5 wish us Merry Christmas^^