Yes!Precure5GoGo Ep42 review

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Reviewed by kokoda_koji

This is ep 42 review. Yes! Nuts! You can be the main character after being the secondary character for so many eps (I think you have been the secondary character since this series start…)! The scene where he scold Shibiretta is very cool, I like it^^you finally look like a man! Also, the last Nuts x Koma scene is very nice too. I had a long time (since ep 7?) didn’t see Nuts x Koma scene…

This ep’s story is very meaningful that it tell us the purpose and the attitude of writing a story, as well as Komachi’s problem regarding her ambition. We can know more about Shibiretta from this ep, which is one of the good point. Another good point, which had been mentioned in the previous post, is the combination of Precure Shooting Star and Emerald Saucer, but it is sad that there is no new attack for Emerld Saucer, like Mint Shield in last season…Nevertheless, the fighting and the drawing in this ep are still nice.

In ep 40 review, I said that we won’t be able to see more Shiro x Urara scene, as Urara issue had been dealed…but seeing this ep, it seems there will be more Shiro x Urara scene inserted after ep 40, perhap we can see one scene of Shiro x Urara in every ep, even they are not the main character? (the Christmas ep is also related to Shiro x Urara)anyway, it is not bad to me.

Unlike the previous Shibiretta scene, this ep involves three stories. I don’t know how well everyone know the story One Thousands and One Night (or Arabian Night, which is another name for Jap people) The main story had been explained by Nuts that the daughter of Prime Minister willing to be with the king, telling stories to him every night, so that the king won’t kill her, as well as preventing the king from killing other girls. From this main story, the stories that the PM daughter tells the king become the sub stories of this main stories. The sub stories adapted in this ep are Alibaba and 40 thieves and Aladdin.

What we can see from this ep:

  1. Why Shibiretta use One Thousand and one night~ there are two reason for that: 1. to separate PC5, because there are many stories inside 1001 night series; 2. 1001 night is so-called endless story as the daughter of Prime Minister keeps telling different stories to the king
  2. Komachi worries~ we know that Komachi dream of being a novelist, but the more she read novels/books, she begins to worry that if the reader choose to find and read her book from a huge book collection
  3. Stories involved in this ep~ I had mentioned above, they are 1001 night (main story), Alibaba and 40 thieves and Aladdin. Nuts and Komachi are in the main story. Nuts is the king(just nice), and Komachi is the PM daughter. Nozomi, Urara, Kurumi and Syrup are in Alibaba and 40 thieves. Syrup, obviously is the 40 thieves. Nozomi, Urara, Kurumi are Alibaba in different version. Rin, Karen and Coco are in Aladdin. Rin is Aladdin, Karen is the princess and Coco is the princess’s pet (is it a monkey? I can’t remember…)then who’s the lamp spirit? It is Hoshina!
  4. Komachi and Shibiretta’s feeling on writing stories~ They both want to write story to touch viewer’s heart, but their objective of writing stories are different: Komachi wants the viewer to feel the story,attract to the story world,and to deliver her feeling through stories, whereas Shibiretta writes stories to attract the Boss (want the boss to pay attention to her…)
  5. About Shibiretta~ in the past, she had find and tell stories to the Boss like what the PM daughter did in 1001 night, but the Boss didn’t feel anything…or he was not attracted…I think Shibiretta like 1001 night the most, from her action to the Boss…also she is the same as Anacordy, she like the Boss (suddenly I feel that the Boss is quite popular to old ladies XD)
  6. Syrup x Urara~ there is a scene where Urara scream for Syrup, then Syrup change from 40 to 1, pls see the pictorial comment for details
  7. Nuts scold Shibiretta~ this scene make Nuts look very cool. I seldom see him face and scold the enemy so seriously (perhap because it related to books)
  8. Emerald Saucer and Shooting Star combination~ pls see the pictorial comments
  9. Komachi’s decision~ she want to write a story about all (PC5 and the mascot group)

~Pictorial comment~

This ep Eternal:

Both Shibiretta and Anacordy are in black face…

Shibiretta is very angry in this ep as she didn’t appear for a long time…(since ep 27)

On the other hand….

Komachi is worried if anyone buy her light novelXD

Palmier version of 1001 night

At the same time, Lady’s version of Alibaba appear! very cute Alibabas^^

Oh yes, and scary 40 Syrups!

On the other hand, Rin.Aladdin appears! with Princess Karen and her pet

One of the Hoshina in this ep~Lizard! and 40 Syrups are in danger!

Urara: Syrup!!!!

Something coming out!?

40 in 1! Syrup is also surprised that Urara scream for him^^

Back to the main story, Komachi is scolding Shibiretta, and…

This is Nuts Show time^^ Is he the Nuts that we know? comparing to Coco in ep 41, he’s more look like a king…Our Komachi is being attracted///

Others are shocked for Nuts as well…
Karen: is he Nuts?
Nozomi: Nuts! Fight!

We can see Rin and Karen clothes in more details

and this is the image of 1001 night

This is Shibiretta version of 1001 night|||

This ep main Hoshina~Aladdin!

Shibiretta missile Shoot–!

Shibiretta is seriously beaten by PC5! The 4th picture is the Shooting Star Emerald Saucer combination attack, at the same time…

Hoshina is playing with the mascots

very nice close up for Milky Rose

Shibiretta’s room is vacated

I think it is the last Nuts X Koma scene