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Reviewed – by kokoda_koji

Twin Tail Magic~ I think all of us are playing this song in our mind recently, right? This is ep 18 review.

From last post, I can see many good comment about this ep. Yes, this ep is magically and dramatically fantastic ep. Action is extremely good, because the actor is the one who draw ep 4. For the art director, he should be the new art director (I think), but the art director who draw YPC5 ep 39 took part in this ep. Hence, the drawing is very nice as well. Since the main director is in charge of this ep, Syrup x Urara will be the official pair. I am interested in this pair though, I can’t see the triangular love between Nozomi, Coco and Syrup… Even Pc5 and Rose (exclude Urara) are sub characters this time, they had done something (for Urara) in the ep, unlike Coco and Nuts. These two guys are distributing flyers since last ep, so is this their duty in this series? (Hopefully not) Oh yes, Urara has new fans, who is Nebatakos. He seems enjoying to hear her song (Tobikkiri! Courage Door). Nebatakos, you have to update her new song, Twin Tail Magic. I really like the last part, esp. when Syrup gives Urara his ride ticket…

For the question why Urara’s ep is the best animated, I think there are two reasons:

a. the actor and the staff, Toei tends to use the staff who has nicer drawing (besides the original character designer) and the actor is always the same one (if I’m right) Urara relates to drama (she want to be an actress), the staff thinks that the ep should be more dramatic for matching Urara’s image.

So, What we can see in this ep?

  1. Urara’s crying face, so far only Syrup and us see this
  2. Syrup’s concern to Urara– he dare to go to her studio to find her
  3. Eternal’s collection information– Anacordy had rejected Bunbee’s lion dance and Nebatakos’ Urara album, so Eternal’s collection items cannot be such artistic things
  4. Conversation between Coco and Syrup–Coco purposely does not answer Syrup in order to let Syrup find Urara himself. Does Coco want Syrup to be with Urara, so that nobody ‘steal’ Nozomi from him?XD but it seems to be one of the reasons that Syrup dislike him…
  5. Lemonade new usage of Prism Chain–pls see pictorial comment
  6. Urara’s mother–her name is Kasugano Mariya, probably seiyuu’s parody, and why no eyes? is she too nice that her face has to be hidden
  7. The reason why Urara want to be actress–because of her mother, she want to bring everyone joy like her mother
  8. Twin Tail Magic–this one should not say ‘see’, it should be ‘hear’. We can hear the full song (but in the second part we can’t hear properly as there is Urara-Syrup conversation…We can hear in Club Coconut this week. I like this song the most among Urara image songs
  9. Syrup’s “air ticket”–he gives his hand-made ticket to Urara at the end, how romantic~
  10. Urara’s parents (father and grandfather) appears again! (they seem have to be appear around this time)

Let’s go to pictorial comments

Attention: there are many shiny Urara, so pls stay the monitor further away a bit to watch these pictures XD

First, let us see Urara’s crying face:

As we know, Syrup is worrying about this…how others treat this when they know Urara cries:

Pc5: we have something to do.
Syrup: You all are so cold, Huh!

Really, comparing to previous eps, they are quite cold…but they pretend to be cold, later we will know..

Syrup cannot ask Nuts to comfort as Nuts is not good at he asks Coco:

but Coco only gives him the studio map, like asking him to find Urara himself…and purposely not answer Syrup’s request…

Syrup: So I ask you to talk to her!
Coco: Ok, I will tell her that you worried about her.
Syrup: No! I am not ask you to do this! I am asking to talk and comfort her! This is your job right?

Yes! Syrup, you are so right! Coco, pls start to do your job (don’t always distributing flyers)

Nuts: You purposely said that, you will be hated by Syrup again…
poor Nuts…you only said this in the whole ep…
On the other hand, in Eternal:

Nebatakos is so happy that he bought and listen to Urara’s song and want to submit to Anacordy for collection, but Anacordy does not like pop song and she forbids Nebatakos to listen:

Anacordy looks like she has Medosa’s power, changing anything to stone with a glance.

Nebatakos is very angry for his stone headphone and later throw tantrum to Lemonade and Syrup (Pc5 as well)

So Syrup goes to see Urara himself, but:

but it is not easy to go in…

Security~ cure~ cure~ Futari wa Secure~ (music: 1st season Pretty cure op)

I think I have to stop it XD These two securities are guarding the studio…Syrup had to think of a method to go in..The following picture shows Syrup operations of entering Urara’s studio.

Operation 1: Dash in the studio from the front door:

of course it failed. The Secure won’t hear Syrup’s reason

Operation 2: Using his mascot form to go in

He may be the 2nd best of acting as a doll (the 1st is Coco)…seems he can enter the studio successfully, but…

The Secures find Syrup again….

Don’t worry, he still can see Urara recording…(earlier than Pc5)

and talk to her when she has a break.

Before going to the fight, let us see very cute child, Urara:

nd her mother, Kasugano Mariya:

Is this scene familiar? Pls see Yes Precure 5 (last season) op

Nebatakos appears to interrupt them:

Nebatakos: Urara, I’m your fans, I can’t hear your song from my headphone, Sing Tobikkiri to me! (fake dialogue)

Nebatakos: Otherwise, I ask Hoshina to play with you! (this one is fake as well)

So they have the fight!

New horror movie–Urara and Scary Octopus, coming up soon

This movie will scare the kids, I thinkXD

nice angle of Lemonade…although this ep only show her henshin (which is the good thing), this show won’t let her to fight alone….

Pc5 appears like gangster…somebody is missing

Here, here! Milky Rose, again she is sub character in this ep, but she will be main in next ep..

Here are the pictures of her new usage of Prism chain (some sort):

Can’t capture all as she move too fast…it looks like cresent beam shower…

Expectedly, Lemonade finishes Hoshina.

So what Nozomi and others did for Urara?

A accessory (pouch) box. It won’t be surprise that it will be a Bantai toy later…

Now, new PC5 gogo! op (Urara ver.) ~Twin Tail Magic (fake op) appears!

Twin Tail Magic~ For the lyrics, pls see Extra 1

Urara is brainstorming the whole Japan…ipod, train, billboard, everywhere

In the concert, we can see Urara’s father and grandfather again:

Last but not least, some Syrup x Urara shows here:

The way Urara follows Syrup like brother and sister..
Syrup gives her ‘air’ ticket, does he intend to open Syrup airline?

Next Ep:

Long time no see, Milk form

Shibirreta’s work again…This time is Japan tale Urashima Tairou..

There are 3 Extra in this review:

Extra 1: ep 22 title

In Nakayoshi, it said that 15/6 has PC5 gogo, I am not very sure if 15th has gogo..
Anyway, here is ep 22 title:

第22話 のぞみ先生大いに頑張る!
Ep 22 Nozomi work hard to be a great teacher

Extra 2: About Club Coconut…

What is about in club coconut had been described by obscurites mostly, here are some add on: (which I think is interesting)

  1. Ise had been audition for Urara, Rin and Nozomi, so the two guys asks her to act Nozomi , Rin and other roles, also in last radios with Sanpei and Maeda, they had voiced over some roles as well….(Sanpei: Syrup and Nuts, Maeda: Nozomi, Komachi, Urara) Kusao asks Ise to voice over so many roles for making fool with her
  2. The two guys always play around the new song–Twin tail no mahou~
  3. I am not sure if Ise said “Surprise”, but she had said Marvelous in the radio
  4. She like to listen Coco and Nuts’ singing voice. When she asked the guys the secret of their singing voice, Kusao said”I don’t want to tell you”
  5. She also said that her absent-minded like Urara
  6. In the radio, they mentioned Urara is 14 years old, so Nozomi and Rin are 15 and Komachi and Karen are 16? in this case, actually they are promoted? because Komachi and Karen won’t be Sec 3 at 16 years old…
  7. Milk image song name: Milk Miracle Milky Legend, look like weird song..

The most interesting one should be hearing Twin Tail Magic~
Extra 3: Twin Tail Magic and Assignment’s lyrics

Firstly, post Twin Tail no Mahou Lyrics (with translation, but may not be right)

Make up! Go Go! Twin Tail Ha~

Yes! go with bare feet Go Go!

夢の島 アーチをくぐって
go into Dreamland

Dash! Bambina (I think it’s girl in Italian, but I may be wrong) on the seaside

ひるがえる チャームポイントは
Turn over Charm Point is

Twin Tail Magic

切りすぎた 前髪に くるくると 瞳が光る
The fringe is cut too much, the eyes (iris) is sparkly shinning

失敗はラッキーかも 気に入っています
Failure may be lucky, I indulge into it

*ステキな仲間たちと 見つけた結論
The conclusion found with close partners

女の子のハートは ビーム(友達から)だから
As girl’s heart is the beam (from friends)

Slash! (something like /

みんなでね 未来をクリック
We click for future

Yes! grab it together Go Go!

両手にね 集めるプリズム
Gathering Prism with both hands

Twin Tail Magic

ながい髪 天使の輪 キラキラのリボンをほどくー
Long hair Angel’s ring Untying shiny Ribbon

Steady- don’t look with shiny eyes

The sky with sunflower blooming

count the second from below

自由で ちょっと 大胆ですね
Free and a bit daring

Yes! go with bare feet Go Go!

夢の島 アーチをくぐって
go into Dreamland

Flash! 日焼けのワンピース
Flash! One piece with sunset color

ひるがえる チャームポイントは
Turn over Charm Point is



3,2,1 GO!



Next, the lyrics of Club Coconuts new ending song–Shukudai (Assignments)

また会えるかな 君と
Will I see you again?

having hot moment

心配ないさ いつも
don’t worry, always

We link together.

燃え尽きそうな 一時
burn over a moment

ちょっと お喋りしすぎた
you talk a little too much

laugh soundly

I think you are charming now

この次も その次も
after this, after that

I swear to make you happy

どんな夢 見せるかわ
What kind of Dream will show

Do your assignment (but here I think it should be solve the problem for the future)

*君の楽園 僕のオアシス
Your Paradise, My Oasis

二つの波状 解け合うとき
When the two waves merge,

切ない痛みも 癒されてしまう
Serious pain will be cured

明日もいい日を!have a nice day!
Tomorrow will be a good day! have a nice day!

Between the shirt and the chest

The wind blows

The sun shined

The sercet and the honey taste will be exposed

After the exposure,

it is relieved

the intersection of the phrases

Being spies for full understanding

その次へ また次へ
After that, next again

While advancing with each other

飽きさせない 輝きは
The bright never weary

The assignment forever

君の眼差し まるでテレパシー
Your eyesight is like telepathy

距離も超えるほど リアルになる
over the distance, will be realistic

甘く優しく 受け止めて行こう
sweet and gentle go and catch it

Fantastic dream

Good night, see you again!


la la la la….

恥ずかしがらずに アクセスして
Don’t feel shy and access

甘く優しく 受け止めて行こう
sweet and gentle go and catch it

Fantastic dream

Good night, see you again!


and here is the song for Shukudai:

Hope that someone can find the mp3 of Twin Tail Magic~

P.S. Hearing from Precure channel, the last ep, which some of us dislike Tamuken, has the highest TV ratio (7.4) in the whole series so far, and this ep seems drop again (someone said this week is 4.8 but I don’t believe it)..