Yes!Precure5GoGo Ep41 review

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Reviewed by kokoda_koji

This is a nice ep. The drawing is very very nice…because the original character designer is in charge of this ep. The storyline for this ep is mainly for Rin, but related a little bit to Nuts. The theme is why they make accessories, which is good that Rin know what the purpose of making accessories before she aim for the accessories designer. There is a funny handsome guy here (this guy is the mixture of CocoNut, Nuts face with Coco hairXD). This guy love his sister so much that he wears the accessories that her sister give…I think that he is a nice guy, but is that such ‘nice’ guy in the real world? (I mean wearing girlish accessories and walking the street) I don’t think so…In the last part, it seems that Rin may be pair with this guy (i.e. Rin have boyfrind?)…so if it is the case, only Karen does not have any BGR…poor Karen…

Another interesting point is…again it is BUNBEE! This time he appears to be a normal(?) person who work as a waiter (which suits him well). PC5 have to thank him this time as he reveal Mugadia’s identity XD and Bunbee is unwilling to go back to Eternal unless Anacordy beg him (this won’t be happen).

For the fighting, the first impression to me is …why there is so many flying kicks appearing at the same moment (pls see pictorial comment)…I know that PC5 always kick Hoshina, but this ep is so obvious that the flying kick use too many times…others are fine.

About the Op in this ep, finally we can see Shining Dream, and it’s …very nice!!^o^ Dream is using Cure Fleur as a sword to fight against Mushiban, I think PC5 is the first Precure series that using sword to fight against the enemy.

What we can see in this ep:

  1. Telling us the purpose of accessories-Normally, we put accessories for enhance our appearance. In those Magical Girl shows, accessories make the girl prettier and some may be the magical items for the character. However, this ep tell us that putting accessories can show one’s love to the person give him/her. I seldom see an anime mention this logic so far (some anime may show this logic, but normally for romance, for friendship, what I can remember is Ojamajo Doremi…it does mention). This is one of the nice thing for this ep.
  2. A funny handsome guy appear- he attract Rin’s attention as he wear too many accessories…as for a man, he is odd…and the accessories are obviously unsuitable for him…the details for this guy will be introduced in pictorial comment. He has a sister who always give him accessories, and he wear all of them||| Even though how he like his sister’s presents…I mean, he doesn’t need to wear them all, doesn’t he feel heavy for the accessories?
  3. Mugadia’s true form- cockroach look character…suddenly think of Kiriman^^
  4. Nuts and Rin interaction- I think this ep they have more interaction than previous eps, it is quite a novel plot, but will Komachi be jealous?
  5. Bunbee’s recent life- he works as a part-time waiter in this ep^^so he will live as a normal man? It is good for him, after ep 31 in last season, he is quite pity, always serving tea…now he is also serving tea and dessert to the customers, but at least he is happier than when he is in Nightmare/Eternal.
  6. Movie trailer OP- this time is Shining Dream. In this trailer, I finally understand why only Dream can power up. For the design of Cure Fleur, the bouquet form has the five fleur (the ones for Rainbow Rose, they are only rose stamps for the bouquet). In this movie, this bouquet form acts as a powerful fleur (more powerful than a single Rainbow Rose fleur),or sword. It contains 5 powers and only a Cure use it. In Sentai Rule, the leader will be using this kind of powerful thing to defeat the enemy for the team (other members just deliver power to the leader). Unlike the last Movie, the wing is very useful to Dream that she can dodge enemy’s attack easily. (These big wings are more useful than Eternal Sailor Moon one)
  7. Rin has a date with Mugadia- I think this is the first date for Rin, she should thank Mugadia dating with her, though Mugadia is actually Eternal member.
  8. Rin’s mother appear-it is surprised that she reappear and meet Mugadia…but look at her expression, she doesn’t think that he is Rin’s boyfriend (actually he is not)…I mean, usually the parents will be shocked that there is a guy approaching their daughter, some more Mugadia is a handsome guy (by Toei)

Now this is the time for pictorial comment (long time no see)!
Before viewing the pictures for this ep, let me show some close up for the characters. This ep is really nicely drawn, these close ups can be the avatars:

Coco and Nuts are so handsome here^o^

Club Coconuts Start desu! ….it is going to end soon (for radio)

Since there are not much Urara, Syrup and Kurumi for this ep, I show back the screenshot from last ep (paste back what I miss for my last review)

Syrup X Urara moment

This is the shame of being a Palmier King, being thrown by his servantXD

Urara in Syrup AirlineXD

Why there is no Komachi?

this one… you have to wait for next ep…Nuts

Another nicely drawn pictures are Movie trailer op, Shining Dream is very cool!

Now let’s come back to the main story~

Today’s Eternal

Anacordy: Bunbee? who is he? You want to find him? I can lead you to his place…

Mugadia:, thanks…Ahh—

Bunbee: This is your order…

Bunbee, Mugadia: Why you are here!?

Bunbee: Oh no…I will be killed??

There is a funny thing here, can you see his name tag? He has his name in Chinese character, which is 文尾, according to the pronunciation

Bunbee: I’d better run! I don’t want to go back to Eternal!! (unless they beg me XD)


Now come to the main part–Rin has a date with handsome guy

Who is the guy she has a date with? this one?

this funky guy, Bu! The coloring for this guy is like Coconut, his face is like Nuts with Coco hair style.

Rin’s mother: this is your boyfriend?

Rin’s mother appear! and she meets the guy Rin dates with—-

Yes! he is Mugadia! but how he know where Rin live….terrible guy!

Coincidentally, they both wear accessories during the date.

This is Rin’s accessories

It would be nicer if the beads are smaller…

Here is Mugadia’s

He has a ring!? is it the wedding ring with Anacordy?XD It is not so good to date with other girl, with the wedding ring onXD

Their date is not going smoothly because there are 3 interrupters appear in front of them. The first one is–

this lost girl, finding her brother; and who is her brother?

Why you appear, funky guy? Oh, you are her brother!! and those accessories are from his sister. He like his sister very much.

The second interrupter..

Nozomi!? …she really can’t feel the atmosphere….so thick-skinned that she goes to the place where Rin and Mugadia are dating…what she think is the cake, so she doesn’t care this much…

The last one is Bunbee, which had showed above. We should thank Bunbee, because of him, we can see Mugadia true form–

not as cool as Scorp, but not bad, feel like Kiriman

Today’s Hoshina–

what is this cartoonish (well, PC5 is cartoon film) Hoshina?

The following is what I said earlier, continuous flying kick!

Lastly, of course finishing Mugadia with Rainbow Rose–

Mugadia is very strong here, he can hold Rainbow Rose for a while..

and at last, Rin meets a handsome guy who is available for her–

he can remember Rin by seeing her once! so I think there may be a relationship between them, but it is offscreen event

Next ep, we can see–

40 Syrup!? another scary event after Komachi dolls..

This scene make me think of Seiya op2…

Mint vs Shibiretta (I think the fire spiral is Shibiretta)

It seems to be a nice ep!
There is two Extra today, the first is the intro of ep 45(from Precure channel):

  • 45話 キュアローズガーデンの扉現る!(Cure Rose Garden’s gate appear)
    The last king had recovered, and Syrup fetches the other 3 kings/queens for opening the gate of Cure Rose Garden. However, Syrup is worried while Nozomi and others are happy to go there…

The second one is about the hot topic-Fresh Precure.

So what is the ‘Fresh’ about this Fresh Precure? The main feature for this new series is curly hair style. Since the leaked picture of FPC normal forms are so small, so I try to draw them out:

and here is some character information from Precure channel:

For the twin tail-
She is Cure Peach, real name is 桃園ラブ,Momozono Love (don’t ask me why she is called Love(Rabu as katakana) Studying in a public secondary school. Naive and lively girl. She is a fan of an idol dance unit called Trinity. She was taught dancing by the leader of the dance unit.

The short hair one-
She is Cure Pine, real name is 山吹祈里, Yamafuki Inori, nickname is Fuuki…(probably naming by Momozono)Studying in a religious (from the direct translation, mission type)private secondary school. She is steady and carefree. She want to learn dance for changing her negative part. Her home is vet.

The long hair, who look like Karen one-
She is Cure berry, real name is 蒼乃美希 Aono Miki. Studying in talented private secondary school (those school which train the student to be idol), like fashion and want to be model in the future, always proud of her beautiful face (don’t forget your face is from Karen, XD)

For their normal form design and the character setting, I like it, but I notice one thing for this setting-the main theme for this series is idol! looking like setting for beating Kirarin Revolution Stage 3…like the character colouring is similar to Milky Way (that one is pink, blue ,orange, which someone said look like Ojamajo Doremi), also the different school setting are the same. Momozono design make me think of Candy Candy^^(very old anime), beside Miki looks like Karen/Kaoru, others are totally different from previous series. Someone in the channel said that the unit Trinity may be the new enemy name, if it is true, that’s interesting.

For naming sense in normal form, except Momozono one, others are nice. Their surname concepts are Garden/earth, Mountain, and Sky. I don’t know why Momozono called Rabu…but other two forename suits them well, like Inori, look steady and she study in religious school, Miki emphasize her appearance.

Now come to the horrible part, their Cure form!

I strongly agree with rakuem and maximumburst comment on these Cures. Except Cure Pine, the other two hairs are very horrible…even worse than Splash Star (suddenly feel that Splash Star character design is not so bad as what I thought before)! THEREFORE, I try to draw them out, change some details based on their so-called final design-

(Pls forgive my distorted drawings)

I think that if Peach hair is in this way is more suitable to her normal form. The clover is the motif for this series, which is the nice part. I make her hair accessories smaller (the original one is very big and awful), and I try to add the gloves and shorts. (like maximumburst said, they are traditional) For the gloves, I add the heart mark on it (I thought they had mentioned about heart, star, water drop, where are this concept by the way?) For the shorts, if the character design know how to design, he/she can add lace to it to make the difference to previous cures.

I like the design of the phone carry bag and the string around their bodies, unlike PC5 just illogically stick to their bodies.

For the hair color, I suggest using blonde color instead of this light yellow…the original Peach design is too alike Luchia…(originally I dislike Luchia in MMPPP)

The change is the same as Peach, I think for berry, her hair ties like this would be better. Ah, I forgot to draw her phone|||

and this is Pine. Actually her design is the best among the three cures, I did not change much for her (somehow, I distorted her appearance|||)

To conclude, actually their clothes is not bad, only that the drawing style and some exaggerated accessories make them look ugly. No gloves and short make them look like cosplay maids more than soldier. Although previously Wedding Peach (I don’t say anything about Tokyo Mew Mew, their battle look is bad), they don’t have gloves, but they have armour, which make the angel look like soldier. Even MMPPP mermaids don’t need to fight (well, their song are weapon actually), they also have gloves.

When I saw the all star movie with these 3 girls, I found that PC5 character design has difficulty to draw these 3, because she cannot add more details on their hair to make them look nice (may be she also doesn’t accept this design?). In addition, these girl cannot fit into other cures in the group, which show that this is a bad design. Max Heart and SS designer are different from PC5, but they fit into the group very well (or the other way round, PC5 fit into previous cures very well)

For the fighting part for these cures, someone said there may be less physical fight due to the design…but I think they may fight with dance steps instead…

The mascot design are not convincing….I suddenly miss Coco and NutsT^T..the round ear one is a baby mascot, need the cures to take care (like Hana in Ojamajo), his name is Chiffon.

Another one is ferret, called Taruto, Osaka accented, a fairy coming from Sweet(スウィーツ, may be I am wrong for the translation) kingdom.

oh no…I write too long, I have to back to work on my assignment…