Yes!Precure5GoGo Ep5 review

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Reviewed – by kokoda_koji

Yes! finally can see a school event ep… For animation, this ep cannot compare to the last ep, not owing to the movement, it is because this ep does not require much action like running and emotional moment like Urara look around scene. This
ep is a kind of storytelling (like last season ep 40…). Overall is not bad, but the fighting scene is not very convincing, not due to their fighting action, it is because Karen is over-control the battle, even others come, they do not help Karen much and Karen can destroy Hoshina by herself (what’s the point that Nozomi and others appear?) The Sapphire Arrow is an impressive attack, it become my second favourite attack (1st is Prism chain^^). Also, the ending part (with the PC5 drawing) is nice.

In this ep, we can see:

  1. Karen’s task as a president (though it does describe before, this one is another face of Karen’s task)
  2. Syrup’s human name origin (his first name is from Karen, that’s a surprise)
  3. The school environment (the place Karen wants to protect did not appear before)
  4. Kokoda introduces Syrup to Otaka, so Syrup can get the part-time(?) job
  5. The relationship between Bunbee and Scorp is still bad
  6. The use of those palmins (not the king)
  7. Any letter goes through Mail-po will have the different design, the receiver name become graphics

This time the pictures are not as many as last few ep…

First, let us see the nicest animation in this ep–sapphire arrow

I like the part when Aqua turning her body, but the part when the arrow hit the enemy, it is not so impressive as Prism Chain

Bunbee goes to the art room without permission…Karen should call 110 to arrest himXD

What’s this (by Syrup) It is hotcake (look delicious, I also want to eat)

Karen: Today your name is called Shiro!
Syrup: What?

A small tour in Cing Lumiere school

First time see a proper student union meeting

The use of ep 2 palmin

There are few Extras:

  1. Aqua’s “senior” arrow attack
  2. Gogo info+ ep 8 intro

First, let’s see Mars Flame Sniper

Another arrow attack from Mew Mint

Some people in Precure board and nico said that Aqua attack animation is
almost the same Mars one, I don’t think so as Mars arrow does not shoot out
with the bow, yet Aqua arrow shoot out with the bow.

The info are from Precure channel

First, Precure 5 gogo info:
A comedian called Tamura Kenji will be the voice actor of a character (with the same name) in May.

Second, the intro for ep 8:
ep 8 Syrup and the mysterious letter when Nozomi and others are having lunch, Syrup gives Komachi a letter, with a small note, the clock/watch tool and a piece of hotcake. Nozomi and others think that it is a kind of code and investigate it.