Yes!Precure5GoGo Ep15 review

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Reviewed – by kokoda_koji

Hearing the Share news, it’s really shocking…it is not only affect Precure raws, but also the whole ACG otakus…Hopefully this does not affect me watching Precure online…(even I can’t watch online, I still can download chinese sub version)

Ok, back to this ep review, the way describing Rin and Nozomi is very good. They look like have a fight (like Nagisa and Honoka), but it is not…Rin just want to warn Nozomi, as she does not take other’s warning seriously (Nozomi should think of changing this attitude).

A surprise moment–Coco has conversation with Rin appears! According to Club Coconuts, the conversation between Rin and Coco & Nuts is not much (from last season), seiyuus said that they hope the staffs to have more conversation between Rin and Coco & Nuts, and it come true.

Kurumi is still a unpleasant character as usual (sometimes I think that she is not so unpleasant when she is in Milk form) Dunno if Shiberetta received Rakuem last comment (which is “we don’t need the five girl together when only Dream is fighting”, if I am not wrong), this time Karen and komachi are out of the fight (they rest for next epXD), the five girl do not fight together.

In this fight, Milky is the redundant one, she just have some kicks to Hoshina, that’s all. I am glad that Dream, Rouge and Lemonade get back the spotlight this time. Lemonade’s chain movement is really nice. Dunno why the recent Hoshina designs become so awesome. The ball really fit for the giant’s head!

Also, we can see a new character, Queen Babaroa. That’s why Donut has to leave, he leave the rose pact space/bed(?) for the next King/Queen!

About the drawing, it’s expectedly bad for PC5 as the art director tend to draw them long face (but his drawing had been improved, comparing to the last season, it can been seen from Komachi), but I found that he draws better for Palmier people (i.e. the four mascots). In addition, I can see this ep in Nicovideo.

What we can see in this ep (not a lot may be)

  1. Relationship between Shiberetta and Anacordy-I thought Shiberetta has the same rank as Anacordy, but it is not the case. Shiberetta needs to submit report to Anacordy as well.
  2. Friendship development between Rin and Nozomi-appear to be more closer at the end
  3. There are two Jack in this ep! Dunno if anyone here know Jack and Beanstalk very well. I did not know it well until I research it in wiki. In this ep, Nozomi is extra, Rin and Urara are Jack, Kurumi is Jack’s mother. I will explain it in pictorial comments.
  4. Queen Babaroa appears! She is better to get along than Donut, but she is VERY talkative, like those neighbourhood aunt(Obasan), next ep we can see that Nozomi and Rin can’t stand for her.

Let go to pictorial comments!

First, let see Eternal in this ep:

Anacordy is really secretary like…always asking others to hand in reports to her (and she will read all of them!). Even how Shiberetta disobey Anacordy, Shiberetta still hand in reports to Anacordy…seems Shiberetta is a responsible person…

Now come to Nozomi and others…first we can see this exaggerated pain scream from Nozomi:

This is where Rin scold her not taking others’ warning seriously:

Do Rin feel sorry for scolding Nozomi?

Her face is the answer (by Coco)

First time seeing Coco consulting Rin. Coco’s acting/pose is very nice here.

By seeing this picture, I wonder how tall Coco is in human form…according to this scale, if Rin is 160cm tall, Coco should be in around 180cm. Go back to Rin’s scold to Nozomi picture, not only Coco appears to be tall, Nuts as well…from that picture I had the wrong image that Milk is very tall like Karen, but checking back ep 12, she is shorter than Urara.

Because of the art director, Nozomi smiling face does not look cute like this one in last ep:

The way Coco looks at Nozomi, it is not the way for a teacher looking at the student, that’s why Rin has surprise face (it is not the case)

Queen Babaroa (Palmin mode) appears!

I wonder why Coco/Nuts do not help chasing Palmin this time? (Karen and Komachi as well) I think they should show all the members finding palmin separately before Nozomi and others suck into beanstalk story

A new place we had never seen in this series

Another new place…wait! it look like the place in World famous story Anime…

Yes, they are in beanstalk story. I had mentioned about that there are two Jack. But why there are two Jack? according to my research, it may be because there are many different version of Jack outfit, Toei takes the two common one. How can we see Urara is Jack? the thing she is holding is evidence:

According to the original, Jack exchange the cow to the magical bean (like this picture) from a stranger (Shiberetta should be in this role) . Then his mother is angry and throw the bean away like Kurumi did:

as the story goes, beanstalk will appear:

Then Nozomi and other climb up like super mario adventure

On the other hand,

Mature 4 is formed! members are:


Shopkeeper- Nuts

OL…no, it should be Student president-Karen

Just nice that they all have occupation title

Plus Deliverer-Syrup, it should be Mature 5XD

Komachi and Karen look boyish here…and Komachi hair is too neat…

Mature 4: Syrup!


Syrup, don’t even think of escaping the destiny to be PC5 and Palmier King’s transport

So at the end, Syrup become transport again. but why Coco and Nuts in mascot form when they are on Syrup airline? (perhaps they don’t want to increase the weight that Syrup carry

Coco: Nozomi…

Nozomi: who called me?

should post back this one to compare:

In comic, Coco can scream Nozomi name (in human form) and Dream scream back (this happen twice in the comic ver.)

whereas now he call Nozomi in mascot form

So comic ver is Coco’s ideal world and anime ver is reality =p

Urara had acted the beginning part, so now Rin act the critical moment (steal something (Palmin) from giant house), and expectedly giant discover them. The Hoshina giant look cool to me. Shiberetta will be another role here–giant’s wife. (originally giant’s wife appear to help Jack)

Then the fight:

This scene make me think of Nagisa and Honoka

Nice chain performance, Lemonade! the first pose is like Lemonade holding vaccum cleaner

following by Rin’s shooting like Conan

of course the last..

Precure Shooting Star!

Recently I prefer seeing this than Milky Rose one, dunno why

and the last moment,

Babaroa appears! She ends the sentence with roro. Why roro? from her name, she can’t use baba as it had been used (and this reserve for KarenXD). can’t use baro as saying people stupid (and it is Conan’s one of catch phrase) roa can’t use as the ‘a’ sound weak that roa will become one word.

She is nice to Coco and Nuts, comparing to Donut:

When Coco and Nuts meet Donut, they need to bow, but this time they don’t need to…

In addition, Coco’s pose here is like Nozomi in ep 4 (the part when Nozomi see Syrup)

Next ep, talkative Babaroa make Nozomi and Rin can’t sleep….

Babaroa is too energetic!

Nozomi become extra character again. Why Shiberetta can’t fit her as one of the character in a fairy tale?

Grown up Hansel and Gretel appears (if I’m not wrong, originally Hansel and Gretel are 10 year-old children)
P.S. Since I had mentioned the role in Shiberetta fairy tale, I should add back what the roles for Pc5 and Coconuts in ep 13:

Coco should be the old man (should be young man here) who create Pinocchio

Syrup is Pinocchio, as we all know it already

Nozomi is extra.

may be Pc5 and Nuts are other casts in Pinocchio, I am not sure.