Yes!Precure5GoGo Ep14 review

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Reviewed – by kokoda_koji

Yes! Stalker 5 Go Go!: Donut’s departure and Nuts’ behaviour review

Don’t be confused with this title. THIS IS Ep 14 Review. Sorry for giving the review so late as I was like Scorp in ep 5-6 in these few days. I know that the original title is Milky Rose Secret, but I don’t want to review with this title. This ep is a very nice ep, but not because of Milky Rose. I enjoy this ep for Nuts’ and Donut behaviour more. Unexpectedly, Donut have to leave us in this ep because the voice actor has to go for Slayers new series (XD this is not the case, Donut want to go back to his home country asap). Hoping that he will be back with his human form (though it is a low possibility). Nuts, the one who didn’t do much things throughout the whole series (up to ep 13), this ep at last he had done something useful–studying the culture in Nozomi’s world (Japan and other foreign countries). This explain why he did not do anything previously as he is read a lot of books (doing research) for reviving Palmier.

Let see what we can see in this ep:

  1. The reason for Nuts buying folk clothes and spices –for studying culture, I think he bought these to take back to Palmier for building up Palmier’s economy and culture. What a thoughtful King! Coco, you should do something for the country as well.
  2. Milky Rose Secret–it is not a secret before starting this ep. We all know the result from last two ep. However, it is interesting that PC5 and mascots are disappointed on Milky Rose=Milk. Besides her identity, her weakness is revealed as well. Milk cannot be Milky rose for too long (like ultraman)
  3. Donut last appearance– comparing to Coco, nuts, he is REALLY useful. After he left, I will miss his Donadona flashXD
  4. Bunbee’s counterattack–after studying Scorp’s report, he know Milky’s weakness, but too bad he make Milky to be the spotlight again…
  5. Coconuts’ reaction for Kurumi–before Milky reveal, they already know her identity. Nuts asks her to live with them…unlike comic version, she asks Coco if she can live with them (and Coco said yes at once)
  6. Stalker 5 is out again! it had been long time didn’t see them stalking someone. Result of Stalker 5: Nuts house will become Ramen House! (by Nozomi)…this is a false information…
  7. The relationship between Shiberetta and Anacordy–look like there are two (or three) departments in Eternal. Those young (or not so old one, like Scorp) staff and newbies (Bunbee) will under Anacordy. Nebatakos looks like under Anacordy as well, but he didn’t really follow her order. That Shiberetta should be in the same rank as Anacordy, and she may be Anacordy opponents (seeing anacordy grumbling on Shiberetta)
  8. New Eye-Catch–it will show in pictorial comment
  9. The current state of Palmier–it will show in pictorial comment

There are two special chapters in this review:

  • Chapter 1: Don’t go! Donut King~ for reviewing this cool King–Donut.
  • Chapter 2: What is coming out?~ for showing new things(?) in this ep

Ok. let move on to pictorial comment!
Before going to the special chapters, let’s us see what Stalker 5 get after following Nuts:

Buying so many spices? He seems to have a lot of money…Perhaps Nuts House business is good recently…

Choosing colourful strip…what he want to do? (we will know it later…)

The following is their assumption of Nuts’ behaviour:

Nozomi: I know! he’s going for an audition! (actual this assumption is from Urara

This is an image of Nuts’ audition. Why the image is Urara? Let imagine if Nuts has the same pose and expression show…Thank you for Urara’s demonstration

Stalker 5: Don’t say nonsense!

Nozomi: I know! he will be the chef in the costume party!

Stalker 5: Don’t say nonsense!

But Nozomi come out a ridiculous conclusion:

Nozomi: Nuts House will become Ramen House!

I like this Nozomi’s expression^^

Next, Coco will show you a sudden change of trousers:



He changes his trousers while Kurumi explaining her problem!? no…Coco, you should pay attention to student’s problem..

Now showing the actual main heroine in this ep: Milky Rose

Before she reveal her identity, these two guys already know her identity:

Coco just look at her like that. He never talk to her privately about her identity or discussing with Nuts about her. Sometimes I feel that Coco is quite secretive…that’s why in the comic version Nozomi can’t figure out how Coco feel about her

Nuts asks her where she live and invite her to live with him. Also he said to Kurumi that the personality won’t change even the appearance is different. It is not true, Nuts. You and Coco’s personalities are totally different in human and mascot form…

Comparing to Coco, he is more considerate (smart as well). He asks Kurumi where she live not only for concerning her, but also to figure if his assumption is right.

Also, I feel that Nuts is glad for Kurumi living in Nuts House more than Coco, there is an evidence:

remember this six strips? yes, they are the cloth(?) what Stalker 5 saw. He uses these cloth to make a room sign for Kurumi(Milk).

For PC5, Karen and Rin notices something which make them think Kurumi=Milk. Komachi and Urara may know but did not really show that they know (may be they just don’t care. Nozomi is the only one don’t know.

For those mascots, Syrup don’t know Kurumi identity, because he does not know her well. Donut may not know who she is as well, but he don’t care, just advises PC5 to cooperate with Milky Rose.

Then why she reveal? one of the reason is:

throwing Bunbee so hard that her energy used up!

So she has to disappear nicely before her secret reveal…

but because of Nozomi, it’s too late…

Yes! this is her true form! Milk!

Nozomi: EEEEEEE~~~~~

then Urara follows:

Actually Urara know it already, this picture shows that:

She smile to Nozomi. She just act to be unknown so that Nozomi won’t be the only dumb one.

Then come to the four mascots:

I think except Nuts, other guys are disappointed…

About why she become like this, she said because of that blue rose…actually I am excepting there is further animation after the blue rose bloom (but too bad they didn’t do anything…) . Milk picks up the blue rose and become Milky Rose, so if Coco or Nuts picks up the rose, what they will be..(may be another Tuxedo MaskXD)

And why she has to hide her identity? because she has to follow superhero rule. Due to this, Toei try hard to cover her identity at the beginning of PC5 gogo..even the cast they put “?” until this ep.

PC5 and mascot reflect our reaction to this:

Milk: Don’t be so disappointed!

I am already disappointed for knowing this…
Since we won’t see Donut after this ep, let recall his first appearances:

What a dignified King!

Comparing to those two service guys, he is really useful that he use his Donadona Flash to stun the enemy:

First appear in ep 7

This ep is the last ep (temporary) he appear, these are his behaviour in this ep:

Teaching kids to do exercise (well, it show in the morning, Donut is right to do this)

Oh Syrup complains on his behaviour throughout the whole series:

Syrup: you only rest all the way…
Donut: Don’t you know REST is also very important?
Nice phrase, Donut!

Discussing with Nuts:

The following phrases are not the actual phrase in the ep)
Donut: You can’t just let a caretaker (Milk) to steal your spotlight

Donut: you have to do something besides giving service to stand out in the series

So Nuts takes Donut advice and doing Nuts crash and protect rose pact in this ep:

Yes! it works! Nuts does stand out in this ep besides Milk, but Bunbee is very strong…

Donut: Well done! Nuts, let me deal with the rest

but unfortunately the rest is dealed with Milk at the end…

Now come to the departure…but he can’t go back by himself, he has to hire Syrup to send him back, with his country food–Donut as Syrup’s salary:

Syrup really like to eat sweet things, so it’s deal

Before he goes, he gives PC5 his phone card:

^o^ I also want to have one…

Bon Voyage~Donut

This is the end of Donut adventure(?).

“What is coming out?”

Yes, it is Coco usual phrase, and this phrase will use for the title of this corner.

The host of this corner is Kokoda Kouji (oh ya, my username is kokoda_koji, so the host is me as well, hoho~)

1. Palmier kingdom (current state)

still constructing like we play simcity 2000…

2. Nuts’ (or Coco?) room

Why they can invite Syrup or Kurumi to live with them? Because they sleep in the same room! The double decker is the evidence! don’t know who sleep the upper decker (I think it will be Coco)

3. New Eye-catch

The first one show 6 palmins, the four of them are the kings and the queen, so what is the other two represent?

VERY cute~Donut, so we can see him more every ep even he won’t appear in the story^V^

I forgot to write about Eternal for this ep , these are the pictures:

Anacordy is like the teacher and Bunbee is like the student in the school. She read Bunbee’s report and get rid of Scorp’s name…how cruel….Bunbee’s office is quite dark..

Next ep ~ Shiberetta fairy tale collection: Rin and Beanstalk

Why Nozomi always wear worker outfit…

3 Extra will show in the following:

  1. Yes! Precure 5 Vol 15-16 Jacket and beautiful handkerchief illustration
  2. ep 16-19 intro
  3. Some comic scan found in Precure board

1. First show the Jacket

Vol 16 is a cool illustration. Vol 15 is nice as well, but seeing Coconuts outfit, I think it may be their summer suit in 5gogo

and the handkerchief

very beautiful, I like the left one.

2. Ep 16-19 intro:

  • 16話 かれんとこまちのお菓子の家 (ep 16 Karen and Komachi’s snack home)
    Nozomi, Karen and Komachi are sucked into Shiberetta’s world. Nozomi is lost, Karen and Komachi discover a snack house while finding Nozomi…
  • 17話 たむけんさんの宝物 (ep 17 Mr. Tamuken’s treasure)
    Nozomi sees Mr. Tamuken distributing flyers written”I am finding an important partner”, and she help him out
  • 18話 みんなに届け!うららの歌声 (Send to everyone! Urara’s song)
    Syrup flies to find Palmin, and coincidentally sees Urara crying, he ask PC5 for Urara’s sadness, but Pc5 seems don’t care, and he is angry..
    Urara’s new song: Twin Tail’s magic will show in this ep
  • 19話 浦島かれんと亀ミルク!? (ep 19 Urashima Karen and Tortoise Milk!?)
    Karen received a letter from her parent and she has trouble on replying to them..

3. Some comic scan found in Precure board

In comic version, Milky Rose appearance is similar to the anime version, but the enemy is Nebatakos. Nebatakos provides a great CocoxNozo moment^o^. Also in the comic version, there is a scene show Coco’s jealousy (but I don’t have the picture)

This one is just a enlarged version of the last panel in the first picture