Yes!Precure5GoGo Ep13 review

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Reviewed – by kokoda_koji

The drawing and the animation are really beautiful in this ep. For the story, this one is much better than the last season ep 38, though the story mode is quite serious (overall). As I watch the fast version, I can’t see other changes for Milky henshin other than the outfit change in the beginning. This ep is an important ep actually, because we can see some hinted plots in the story, as well as it had revealed why Syrup want to go Cure Rose Garden. On the whole, this ep is very nice except Kurumi’s appearance. I found that Kurumi kept on stealing the spotlight after ep 11…BUT! our heroine Dream take back the spotlight in this ep, at least Milky is not the one who destroy Hoshina again

Also I’m despaired! (Zentsubou shita!) Milk=Kurumi=Milky Rose…that’s why Milky Rose looks more like villain (no relation). I don’t like Milk=Milky Rose because if Milky Rose is Milk, her mysterious and cool character will be collapsed very quickly…viewing the recent 2 ep, her rapid character change make me (expectedly) disappointed.

Even the Milky Rom (MAD clips shown in last review) has better impression than Kurumi in these 2 eps.

Next ep is about Milky Rose Secret, hope that it does not only explain that Milk=Kurumi=Milky Rose.

Before going to the pictorial comments, let us review what we can see in this ep:

  1. Syrup’s past- he forgot who he is (Everybody want to know, we all want to know~). He worked for Eternal in the past for finding out his identity, also he cannot get along with the people in Palmier. Cure Rose Garden seems to give him answer, so he want to go there and find out.
  2. Bad relationship between Syrup and Coco (by Komachi)- probably there will be an ep about this (but I think in this ep the reason Syrup is angry with Coco may be his jealousy of Coco x nozo)
  3. New enemy- Shibiretta, an old woman with Mario Bros Mushroom outfit, and she changes to a beautiful woman to fool the guys (Coco and Syrup) and us (if I am not wrong, when she is in beauty form, her voice is still old woman voice…)
  4. Kurumi/Milky Rose collapsed character-saying weird things in the beginning and the end, and Nuts looks down (sort of) on her…
  5. The game final boss like Eternal chairman appears again
  6. Anacordy’s feeling to Shibiretta-seems that she don’t like that old woman.

Ok. Now is the pictorial comment time!

This ep is actually similar to the Nakayoshi May issue short comics. In that comic, only Nozomi go to the tower to visit Syrup, and there is a scene where Syrup want to hug her^o^, at the end, same as this ep, Coco invites Syrup to live in Nuts House. (Dunno if stupendous has this issue)

We know that next ep is the reveal of Milky Rose’s identity; in the Nakayoshi new issue, Milky identity is revealed as well:

Milk’s appearance look nicer here (I think)

Firstly, post this beauty:

This is the beauty we are interested in the preview, yes, from her face, she tells us that she is not a nice beauty, and viewers may still think she is probably the prettiest Eternal member….

is it shocking? this is her true form! she is a mushroom old lady! Can’t see clearly? post more pictures to let you see her closely!

That’s enough! otherwise this column become Nightmare pictorial world…

Now come to Syrup, first post is his young form:

look cuter than the form now….

I don’t know why the old woman like to change Syrup to Pinocchio, here it is:

If his nose did not grow, I think he is peter pan more than Pinocchio…

In this ep, Nozomi and Coco cooperate to take back the spotlight from Mil…no, should be Kurumi.

It seems to have a long time didn’t see CocoxNozo…Go go Toei animators! draw more CocoNozoXD

Recently Coco’s drawing is powered up a lot (esp ep 10)…this ep as well, look at this picture, even the heroine is Nozomi, Coco seems stand out more….

A good “Metamorphsis”XD! I don’t know what their roles in Pinocchio story, but the outfits suit them!

Coco: How come we dress like this?
Nozomi: I know, I know , the animators give us power to take back the spotlight!

Nozomi: We are going to be hero in this ep, It’s decided! (you two are already the hero and heroine in the whole series^^)

How about Pc5 + Kurumi + Nuts outfit? here it is:

I had read about rakuem’s comment about Pc5’s appearance are extra to this ep as only Dream fighting. I think that Pc5 appear in this ep is more reasonable than ep 5 & 6, because this time they are forced to be in that world. They can’t go to that Pinocchio world unless that old woman invites them..and that woman want to get the rose pact from them.

A new look for Nuts, he ties his hair. Karen’s outfit is the best!

This ep has two Hoshina one is this good looking Hoshina, another is the whale. Unlike previous series, this season enemies tend to use more monsters (Hoshina), except Scorp (he is too nice^o^); so in the future we may see 3 vs 6, 4 vs 6 or even more Hoshinas +the member to attack PC5+Milky Rose.

Now come to our disappointing character (may be some viewers like to see her…-V-!) –Kurumi

Firstly she follows Nozomi (+ Coco) and say this:

Kurumi: how should I appear today? (with cunning smile)

This phrase should be used in this way:

Tha animator who in charge of Kurumi: how should she appear today….? (with scratching his head)

Although in this ep she only take back the rose pact from Shibiretta, she think she successfully steals the spotlight.

Kurumi: Yes! I acts well this time!

Same phrase to her animator: Yes! I animate her well this time

Kurumi: Secret Heroine should act like this!
“This phrase can apply to Narita (the director): Secret Heroine should act like this!
After that, Nuts throw back her phrase! Nice! Nuts! you say out what I want to say to this girl!
Nuts: Ho~Is outstanding behaviour so important to you

My opinion to Kurumi is: Secret heroine is not like you. Let me introduce the seniors in the Extra to teach you what secret heroine should look like!

Next ep….

Nuts come back from Africa trip, the outfit look unexpectedly nice to him.

Everybody want to know! We all want to know! Next ep, Yes! Stalker 5, Kurumi’s secret and Nuts’ mysterious behaviour…(actual: Milky Rose’s secret)

oh ya…after this ep Coco asks Syrup if he want to live with them, next ep Nuts ask Kurumi if she want to live with them…so Nuts House is the House for mascots!

There are 4 Extras here:

  1. Secret Heroine showcase
  2. Ep 15-18 title
  3. Product info (pictures from Precure board)
  4. Taiwan SS

The secret heroine I woule like to show here are Angel Salvia and Sailor Venus. About someone comment Venus setting in the last post, actually Venus setting is very unstable in both comic and anime version (Her setting should blame on the original creator). However, I prefer the anime version of Venus than the comic one (the live action Venus is also not bad, and she is very tragic character in the live action).

Sailor Venus first appear:

Angel Salvia first appear (ep 36 of Wedding Peach)

Part 1

Part 2

Salvia appears in 8 minutes in part 1 and the beginning of part 2. Her color is purple as well. Kurumi should learn from her!

From Nakayoshi, here it is:

  • 5/11 第15話 りんちゃんと豆の木 (Rin and Bean Tree)may be a touching ep
  • 5/18 第16話 かれんとこまちのお菓子の家 (Karen and Komachi’s snack home)can’t figure out what Karen and Komachi will do in the ep
  • 5/25 第17話 たむけんさんの宝物 (Mr. Tamuken’s treasure)A Jap comedian dub Tamuken in the ep
  • 6/1 第18話 みんなに届け!うららの歌声 (Send to everyone! Urara’s song)Urara’s new song is coming

Here it is:

Heard that Taiwan is showing Splash Star now in Precure board, and found this shocking picture;

Those who like splash star may faint for this pictureXD

I don’t like the translation of Cure Egret, just taken from Mai’s name….

and nicovideo can see Taiwan ver of SS op, the melody is not bad , but I am not used to it.
For your information, my next (ep 14) review will be posted either on Friday or Saturday.