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Reviewed by stupendous

I have a confession to make. I have been withholding information from you all! Awhile ago I tracked down as many summaries for “Okashi no Kuni no Happy Birthday” as I could and read as much of them as I could with my limited Japanese knowledge, but I haven’t shared what I found out with you guys yet. I was kind of hoping either someone who has seen it or someone with better Japanese knowledge would make one first. :( But! I will share what I know right now!
First, the most recent trailers that have played during the opening theme in the past few episodes, for those who haven’t seen them yet. They have completely new scenes that we haven’t been shown before. The trailers start at 0:19 on all of them:

YES! PRECURE 5 GoGo! Opening 2008.11.9 version

YES! PRECURE 5 GoGo! Opening 2008.11.16 version

YES! PRECURE 5 GoGo! Opening 2008.11.23 version

Next, information that I have gathered from various summaries, most notably this one posted in seven parts on NicoVideo. It’s in Japanese of course but it’s a complete, very detailed summary.

– The movie starts with the All-Stars short. Every summary I’ve seen said it was extremely awesome. Each group performs their own attack: “Precure Marble Screw Max” for the Max Heart girls, “Precure Final Star Splash” for the Splash Star girls, and “Precure Rainbow Rose Explosion” for the Precure 5 girls. And it doesn’t look like Michiru and Kaoru make a surprise appearance, I’m afraid. It includes a song that’s like a mash-up of every season’s theme song, I’m not sure if it’s completely new or not.

– Next is the mascots’ turn for their little pre-movie comedy bit, just like in the last movie. It starts with Milk greeting the audience by herself. Then she’s… harassed by Syrup I think? Not entirely sure, but she starts calling for help for some reason and Coco and Nuts, in their human forms, come dashing in. Then, um… They transform, I think with the help of the Miracle Lights. Into Cure Coco and Cure Nuts, after shouting “CocoNuts, Metamorphose!”. No, I’m not joking, though they’re not in their human forms at that point (damn, I wanted to see some boys in skirts). Coco’s introduction is: “Ooi naru chou a la creme, Cure Coco!” (mimicking Cure Dream’s introduction). Nuts’ introduction is: “Yasuragi no mamedaifuku, Cure Nuts!” (mimicking Cure Mint’s introduction). Then they both say, “Futari wa CocoNuts!” (as to be expected!). Then they use their attacks “Super Chou a la Creme” and “Super Mamedaifuku” on Syrup. After this I don’t know what happens besides Milk thanking CocoNuts for their… bravery, and all four of them introducing the movie. I guess we don’t get to see Coco bleeding profusely in this one. How disappointing!

– Now, the real movie! It starts with a little bit of romance. :) It’s Nozomi’s birthday, of course, and she and everyone else are at Natts House. Nozomi is napping on the top level of the house, I think? Then Coco comes in and wakes her up. She uh, apparently doesn’t know where she is when she wakes up, so I wonder how on earth she got where she was. Or maybe she just forgot she was there. The two of them have a cute little conversation in which Coco compares Nozomi to Sleeping Beauty. You know, the one who can only be woken up by the kiss of a prince? HINT HINT, WINK WINK. In fact Coco even goes so far as to mention that part of the story to Nozomi, and then it gets really cute and awkward from there. And I think there is actually a near kiss in this scene, not sure, I’m only basing that off of fanart I’ve seen. But never fear, CocoNozo fans, never fear…

– Next, the birthday party is supposed to begin. But it’s interrupted because Chocolat appears. She comes flying out of an oven! And Bunbee is chasing after her, I guess it’s part of his part-time job (working for Mushibaan, yeah?). Since Bunbee is now crashing Nozomi’s birthday party, he decides to deliver a birthday present in the form a cake-shaped Hoshinaa. The girls transform and destroy it, no surprise there. Bunbee leaves to report back to his superior, who at this point is technically the Queen of the Dessert Kingdom, Chocolat’s mother, who I suppose is possessed by Mushibaan, and she has Bitter and Dry with her. Bunbee is fired at this point, haha. It sounds like he really didn’t need to be in this movie but I guess his appearance is proof of his popularity, and I can’t deny I’m always happy to see him. As for Chocolat, she decides to take the girls and guys to the Dessert Kingdom as a thank you for helping her. The opening theme (Full Throttle GoGo) plays after that. And a bit of extra (maybe significant) information, I think Coco may be familiar with Chocolat and the Queen already even before they appeared in the movie (maybe Nuts is too then).

– Next scene, everyone’s enjoying themselves in the Dessert Kingdom. But then, Karen makes the worst comment possible: “Won’t we get fat from eating all of these sweets?” Apparently the background music gets very serious after that, haha. Nozomi, Rin, and Urara are incredibly upset about it and start acting very dramatic. Then Karen apologizes and everything seems alright again. Especially since Chocolat then tells them that, in the Dessert Kingdom, anyone can eat as many sweets as they want without getting fat (what a great place!). Not really sure what happens directly after this except Coco mentioning he wants to see the Queen and Bitter and Dry talking about stuff. I’m guessing it’s mostly scenes of everyone enjoying the Kingdom in this part. And Coco does indeed go see the Queen, while accompanied by Chocolat and possibly Nuts and Syrup, I didn’t quite understand what those two were doing. This is the part where he is possessed by Mushibaan and becomes the Evil Coco with big sunglasses and shoulder pads that we all know and love from the trailers. Chocolat goes running back to Nozomi crying after this.

– Next scene! Apparently in the last scene the girls transformed, too. I’m guessing Mint and Lemonade got sent to the oven and Rouge and Aqua to the… freezer? already in the last scene, too, with the purpose of trying to turn them all into chocolate. So, the fighting is about to begin! Chocolat and Cure Dream are still together at this point, and they have a touching conversation concerning Chocolat’s mother. Also Syrup is still around to help the two of them out by flying them around to where they need to go. Not sure exactly what happens after this, except for Nozomi giving one of her “my friends are important” speeches, and all the Cures can hear it and become inspired by it. Rouge and Aqua then fight inside the freezer with Dry (the one who kinda looks like a male version of Anacondy), while Mint and Lemonade fight inside the oven with Bitter (the one who kinda looks like Nuts). I think they are both destroyed at this point. Throughout all of this, there has been a mysterious, evil person speaking to everyone from the sidelines (saying things I can’t understand but you can probably guess that it’s typical things a villain in a magical girl series says), and it’s at this point that the person reveals themselves to be Evil Coco! Nozomi recognizes him right away and is, of course, very shocked and upset. Just like the Cures, Evil Coco has his own Fleuret, which is completely black. When asked who he is, he of course introduces himself as Mushibaan. Nozomi pleads for Coco to remember her and snap out of it, but it’s no use.

– Next scene! Chocolat is with Kurumi now, and Kurumi asks Chocolat to take her to where Mushibaan is. Evil Coco and Nozomi begin fighting. The entire time Nozomi is calling out for Coco, trying to get him to remember who he really is (I have a feeling this scene is going to make me cry when I finally get to watch this). And they fight for awhile, and Nozomi is upset and calling out his name for awhile, until… YES, YES, COCO AND NOZOMI DO KISS IN THIS MOVIE! I’m confused as to when exactly it happens. I thought at first Nozomi did it in order to get Coco to remember, but the NicoVideo summary makes it sound like it happens after Coco starts remembering. But yeah, fangirls rejoice! Apparently we don’t actually see any close-up lip-locking action but we see enough to know 100% that it is indeed a kiss. Then they have a touching little scene and Mushibaan separates himself from Coco’s body to take on the form that we’re already familiar with, the one with the mustache. He of course has a hissy fit over his plan not working. Then Kurumi and Chocolat bust in and Kurumi transforms and gets ready to kick some butt. Then Nozomi and Mushibaan have a touching conversation to try and bring Mushibaan to his senses and the Queen (of course, no longer possessed) joins in eventually as well. Buuut of course, what kind of Precure movie would this be if the problem was solved by talking alone? A big fight’s gotta happen!

– Final part! Time for the climax and the big fight! Apparently the other Cures are there now and ready for the big fight, I’m not sure when or how they got there. Anyway they fight for awhile, unfortunately I can’t give you any details on that. But! This is where the Miracle Light 2 comes in. Chocolat possesses one, so she and the Queen ask the audience to use theirs to give Cure Dream new power. And they do! Cure Dream becomes Shining Dream! She even has her own new, special fleuret: the Starlight Fleuret! It looks like this (and while searching for that I also found out that there’s a Shining Dream plush doll). Using that, Shining Dream uses her NEW attack to finally defeat Mushibaan: “Precure Starlight Solution!” And the battle is over. Finally, Nozomi’s birthday party can begin (having to go through all that just to have a party?). It’s held in the Dessert Kingdom this time rather than at Natts House like originally planned. Chocolat makes a cake for Nozomi with a little help from her mother. Right about here is where the ending theme, “Birthday Party”, starts playing (I don’t like the song a whole lot myself but I think it’s pretty cute). By Rin’s direction, everyone shouts out a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to the birthday girl!

And that is The End!

Making this summary has gotten me all excited again, I have a feeling this is going to end up being one of my favorite movies, not just because of the characters and the CocoNozo but because I really love cute, colorful, candy-themed stuff.

So, I think CocoNozo fans can leave Precure 5 with a sense of satisfaction now. NutsKoma fans, apparently there’s a little bit of them in this movie but I have no idea where (except in the mascot intro where Nuts makes the reference to Cure Mint). Syrup/Urara fans, it sounds like you’re out of luck, but hey, I guess we won’t know for sure until we can actually see the whole thing with our own eyes.
Hope you all enjoyed the summary. As always, please feel free to correct me on anything I misunderstood or add in information I left out.

And for anyone wondering when they’ll be able to actually see the movie, it probably won’t be until this coming March since that’s when the DVD should be coming out.

**note: all screenshot added by GGT**

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