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Yes!Precure5GoGo Ep11-12 review

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Reviewed – by kokoda_koji

Sorry for not writing the review last week as I don’t have the time to write, also ep 11 and 12 are related, I think it’d better to write on this week.

This review is slightly different from previous because I will review this two eps into the following 3 chapters in the pictorial comments. The 3 chapters are:

Chapter 1: Sayonara! Scorp-san (Farewell! Mr.Scorp)–To review Scorp last moment

Chapter 2: Gorgeous Appearance! Milky Rose–To introduce and review Milky Rose

Chapter 3: Mimino Kurumi kuru! (Mimino Kurumi comes)–To introduce and review Kurumi

After the pictorial comments, there is 3 bonus clips from nicovideo, two of them are MAD clip, Milky Rom (Milky Rose in Rom voice). Rom is the main character in Machine Robo Revenge of Cronos. When you watch the clips, you don’t need to understand every word because the main dialogues in the clips are Rom usual phrase (say nonsense things and ending with “that’s so-called [two chinese character], after that when the enemy ask for his name, he will answer “I won’t tell you my name”) and some attack phrase. For the last attack phrase (actual: Milky Rose Blizzard), the dialogue can be referred to the third clip, which is Rom in Super Robot War MX, the phrase in there is exactly the same to the MAD clip. Though in the MAD clip the voice change for Milky Rose voice is a kind of weird, but the phrases are perfectly matched to the scenario, esp. the henshin moment…

Before going to these pictorial comments, let me write the general review as usual:

Ep 11
It is an exciting and shocking ep. Shocking that Milky Rose can destroy the giant Scorp by herself, again PC5 become useless…if continuing like this, probably the anime title will change to Yes! Milky Rose Go Go! (Arienai)

Exciting of her transform and attack. The attack is really nice, the blue rose bloom nicely and Scorp die nicely ( so far he is the only enemy in PC5 who died with beautiful scene). The henshin is nice too, but for animation wise it is not as good as PC5 one (the whole process Milky Rose just stand and turn a bit, that’s all). Some of the drawing in the henshin is distorted, but they had been modified in ep 12. Also, there are 2 scenes which are reusing ep4 fighting shots. The obvious one is the forehead dash. When I heard Milky voice in this ep, I feel that (sometimes) she is not Milk voice…

What we can see in ep 11:

  1. Scorp’s resignation and death
  2. The relationship betweem Scorp and Bunbee, the last sentence when Scorp die:”Goodbye…Bunbee..”
  3. Milky Rose Transformation and Attack, also can see how powerful she is.
  4. The view when PC5 and others first meet Milky Rose
  5. Kurumi’s appearance (just appear to transform)
  6. Bunbee’s “tender” (giving some advice to Scorp)

Ep 12
Today I watch this ep in x2 speed, that’s why I can write about it.

The interesting part in this ep is Kurumi’s school life, I think. The fighting scene is good though, Milky Rose is like ‘stealing’ the spotlight from Dream…Quite surprise of her sports, but in the whole ep it tells me that she is Milk (but I still hope that she is not Milk), esp the last part and Coco approach. However, how she know Shakespeare?

Bunbee had cried for Scorp…what a nice guy. Also, Nebatakos waste many Hoshina in this ep.

What we can see in ep 12:

  1. Kurumi’s first day in school
  2. The relationship between PC5 and Kurumi
  3. Kurumi’s attitude (act differently to Coco, she holds Coco’s hand make Nozomi jealous)
  4. Masuko Mika is back
  5. The relationship between Nebatakos and Bunbee (very bad relationship, comparing to Scorp at first)
  6. Kurumi’s ability (she can slam dunk!!sometimes think that if she is milk, Milk is bad in sports…)
  7. Modified Milky Rose henshin drawings

Ok! Let’s go to the main chapters of today’s pictorial comments!

In ep 10 and 11, PC5 were in trouble with fighting against Scorp, then Milky Rose appear and defeat Scorp in ep 11. When PC5 meet Milky Rose at first, they have different comments:

Rin, Urara, Komachi: no idea, considering if she is the blue rose
Karen: She is very strong, but can’t tell if she is the blue rose
Coco and Nuts: no comment
Syrup: may be she is Eternal new member….

want to meet her again…

Before the battle in ep 11, there is a masculine drawing of Nozomi:

After Scorp’s death, PC5 and Coconut accept Milky Rose except Syrup:

This scene is cute when Nozomi play (?) with Syrup (dunno if Coco will be jealous)

In ep 12, they just help to hit Hoshina balls, not much fighting…surprise that Shooting Star this time only use for hitting the balls.

Something odd here, since Prism Chain can destroy Hoshina by catching it in ep4, why she can’t in this ep. Is Hoshina power up.

Because of Milky Rose, their role become less. Ganbare! Precure 5! Don’t lose to Milky Rose! (and Eternal as well)

This part is the memorial of Scorp last battle…why he die so fast….even Kiriman can stay alive until ep 24 (because of his kind boss Bunbee) I like Scorp among all PC5 enemy actually. Good looking is one of the reason, another reason is that it become excited when Pc5 fight with him.

Firstly, let see the cause of his death (of course we know that the main reason is his continous failure, but this one lead him to die):

After he reported to Anacordy, she asked him not to bother PC5 and Rose Pact, which make him angry…at first I thought she will ask him to go to the dark maze Scorp mention last time (probably Anacordy is also a nice superior), later become like this:

If Bunbee didn’t stop them, we may see a new place in Eternal…

After the unhappy moment, of course…

typing resignation letter!? I thought he just left Eternal at once…also using old-fashioned typewriter….I wonder if Eternal are from 19th century…(Arienai)We can see his (last) signature

Before he left, Bunbee comfort him….

Scorp: You are a nice guy…(I agree)

also this is the first time seeing his gentle smile

Scorp is a lucky(?) guy, at least he has a friend like Bunbee worrying about him…

The following few pictures is his last various form (human, monster and giant mode)

Scorpion Translate!

The green will be destroyed during the process…then become like this:

What a disappointing giant form!

At last he die nicely by Milky Rose Blizzard, this is his last sentence:

Scorp: Farewell, Bunbee…

Bunbee: Scorp-san…

This scene may become BL girls’ new targetXD

A nice friendship…but when do they begin to get along well? is it ep 9?

At least better than died from PC5 this a special service for Scorp?

After Scorp’s death, this guy take over his position:

An arrogant and wicked guy, Nebatakos! Bunbee dislike him (should be dislike more than Hatenna), saying Scorp bad thing and ask Bunbee to massage his octopus legs!!

A scene in ep 12, Nebatakos make me think of Camao:

The security in this school is too bad…

Also, after Scorp’s death, the Chairman of Eternal appears:

Look like the boss in TV game..looks powerful, hopefully not end up like Despairah….(expect him to fight against PC5)

In ep 10, Milky Rose appears in the high place and make the two Eternal guys retreat. In ep 11 she appears to defeat Scorp!! It can be seen how powerful she is. However, in ep 12, she seems to be weaken, or may be Nebatakos is strong, she can’t defeat him like Scorp. Instead, she take over Dream to defeat the main Hoshina… and her henshin is shown in full…is she going to be the main heroine afterwards?

Just recall her appearence in ep 10:

Then Sky Rose Translate…Before that, it has to explain to the user(children) how to use the palette (for the promotion purpose)

The user has to touch the white, following by the three purple color then can transform.

ok, continue:

Her henshin is quite furturistic like Kaban (those metal hero henshin), overall is nice, I like the body dressing part. Also her last shot is expectedly redrawn.
Now come to her attack. I found that she like to attack with her elbow, so-called elbow attack. Her elbow attack can drive away Bunbee and Scorp:

She is powerful, but her face is really like villain more than heroine…

She smile at Scorp when he came up….really like a villain….

Lastly the final attack:

Very beautiful rose attack, I like the CG rose…..pls pay attention to her hand position when she break the rose (sudden hand position change). From ep 12, it can be known that normally when using this to Hoshina, after the explosion, we can’t see anything (i.e. won’t like Scorp one, disappear with the rose)….oh! then Scorp one is really a bonus shot?

Here is the final moment of Hoshina in ep 12 (the part covering with blue rose)

Also in ep 12, she can’t drive away Nebatakos like Bunbee:

Extra 1: Milky Rose figure

Source from Precure board
Two sets of Milky will be out soon (forget when it will be out). I prefer B set.

Extra 2: Milky Rose in CM

Found a nice picture in Precure board. It said that the picture is from a commerical trailer, dunno what kind of CM it is:

When she first appears in ep 10 and 11, I quite like her as she appears to be elegant and cool (powerful as well), but in ep 12 her Milk like character make me dislike her…..the drawing in ep 12 for Kurumi is weird…before showing the weird drawing, post the elegant and cool moment:

In ep 12, Kurumi become like this:

Oh no….where is the beautiful ep 11 Kurumi….TOT

I think the most interesting part for Kurumi should be this Incident: Cocoda encounter

Oh ya, when she first come to Nozomi class, she introduced by herself(without Coco, Coco goes and find her…what kind of teacher he is, can’t even take care a student….), breaking normal transferer’s rule (should be introduced by the teacher first)

She is in Otome mode (by Urara)

When meeting with Cocoda, we can see two jealous mode here:

Kurumi~ angry jealousy

then she grabs Cocoda’s hand to attract him…

I don’t think Milk will do that…(if she is Milk, probably she will talk more to Cocoda, but grabbing his hand with this expression…in last season ep 45, I thought Milk accept CocoxNozo pair… the scene when they walked away Nuts House, Milk looks happy to them instead of jealousy)

Also, Coco is a bit dumb, after being taken photo, he still don’t ask Kurumi to get off her hand…

Nozomi~cutely jealousy

In addition, there is one more type of jealousy to introduce, from another anime: S.A.~Special A~ (new anime this month)

The horror jealousy from Takishima Kei:

If you are jealous with sb, which jealousy are you? (hopefully not Kei’s (too scary))

Besides the fond to Coco and arguing to Nozomi, her setting is not really like Milk, esp good at sport (she can slam dunk, unbelieveable). She is set to be smart and good in everything (like S.A. student) but a bit careless (a.k.a.Dojiko)..also quite surprise that she know Masuko phrase..

The following pictures are her school life:

After this ep, she is famous in the school, and she is the headline in Cinq Lumiere Newsletter

Lastly, let’s clap and welcome back Masuko Mika!

Next ep looks interesting, Nozo x Coco+ Scorp, and two more new characters come out:

yeah~CocoNozo go go!

Hey, Kurumi, don’t disturb them

the blonde hair woman is very pretty~ dunno who she is

The mushroom character seems to be the Eternal member…

Besides Syrup is Pinocchio, I don’t have the idea Nozomi and Coco’s roles, can anyone tell me?

Surprise! Anacordy ending picture!

Here they are:

巻き起これ・嵐・正義の乳薔薇 (ep 10 MAD, title is Whirling Storm, Justice Hero(ine) Milky Rose)

ミ ルキィパレットよ、勇気の雷鳴を呼べ(ep 11 MAD, title is from Machine Robo ep 2 title, is called “Milky Palette, calling for the thunder of courage)


The SRWMX original Rom is here: