Yes!Precure5GoGo Ep39 review

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Reviewed by kokoda_koji

Comparing to last ep, this ep is much much better. Because of Bunbee? part of it, another reason is that this ep tell us some key points to the series. Oh yes, I have to mention this Mont-Blanc, his prince setting has been changed. This change perhaps because if he appear to be prince, it is unreasonable that he know more things and having greater power than Donut and Babaroa (Crepe as well, she is weakest among the four, supposed). About his name, if I am not wrong, it is the name of the highest mountain in Alps, SO HE IS THE OLDEST AMONG THE FOUR KING/QUEEN. Despite of his appearance, his features show that he will be get along very well with Karen, such as his age (don’t forget Karen is the oldest member in PC5), full of knowledge (Karen is Precure of intelligence), only drink grape juice(why he only can drink grape juice…?).MontBlanc’s sickness also tell us why Pc5/Coconut need to find palmin as soon as possible. The kings cannot be palmin for a long time, else they will die.

Another key plot I have to mention is …Bunbee! This ep tell us that he does not have the place which belong to him…as Anacordy knows that his Precure leader announcement! (how she know? perhaps she watch Precure 5 every week…oh, new discovery!!XD)The scene where Anacordy throw him into the dark zone is shocking to me, I thought I can’t see Bunbee again…but he is really strong! he can grab the entrance to escape from blowing into dark zoneXDDD(this make me laugh).

The drawing and fighting are better than last ep as well. Also, this ep tell us the importance of Syrup (the details will be written in the following section.). I start to think, what the purpose of last ep plot for? just show us a new Precure pair work? In last season and Gogo, we have two Precure pairs: Mint & Lemonade, Rouge & Aqua, there is only a pair, which is Dream and Milky Rose. Hence, I think last ep is just want to tell us Dream & Milky can have pair attack…and these grouping are greatly used in the Movie (can be seen from this ep op), this tell us why only Dream will power up in this movie. Rouge and Aqua fight with Dry, Mint and Lemonade fight with Bitter, Milky…don’t know where she is (may be going to save the dessert queen), only Dream fight with Mushiban (Coco ver.)…I think if Dream doesn’t power up, she can’t defeat Mushiban (Coco ver), but this is only my assumption…it should have other reason for Shining Dream appear….so last ep may be a small plot (I mean the Dream Milky pair)for the Movie, as well as the staff want to finish off YadoIso.
What we can see from this ep:

  1. MontBlanc- The main character not only for this ep, but also for the series. He seems to be appeared to tell Pc5 more information about Syrup, Eternal (may be),Flora and Cure Rose Garden. As mentioned above, his feature is developed to be close to Karen. About his sickness, he gets well at the end of the ep. His seiyuu is Natsumi from You’re under arrest.
  2. Karen takes care MontBlanc-similar to ep 34 last season, Karen has to take care someone, and this request is from Milk. Different from last season, she doesn’t know what MontBlanc sickness…it is a big test for Karen. From this test, it shows how Karen overcome the problem, which helps her to cope the similar problem when she is a doctor. When MontBlanc cough after taking diluted honey, Karen is frightened and dare not to take care of him…this problem looks familiar? yes, this is the problem when a doctor apply the wrong treatment to a patient. As a doctor, it is a serious mistake. That’s why we can see Karen is deeply desperate…but why Komachi can be so calm to this situation (even Karen can’t keep calm)…the only reason is-she is Precure of Tranquility.
  3. The meaning of Syrup appearance-when MontBlanc is sick and see Syrup, he says that Syrup appear means that Flora is in danger. From this sentence, it can be assumed that Syrup may be Flora’s messenger or guardian.
  4. Bunbee’s situation-before he return to Eternal, he is in bad situation that he does not have money for living…(poor thing) but after his return, it is even worse! Anacordy know his Precure Leader announcement and throw him to the dark zone!! Luckily he can escape! The following 10 eps will be the turning point for Bunbee. (now he cannot work in Eternal, and he can’t go to Precure side..)
  5. Babaroa appear!!- did the staff heard my complain in last review? (It’s impossible)Anyway, she appear to explain MontBlanc’s sickness and introduce MontBlanc.
  6. Movie screenshot op again- this time is showing the fighting scene(the pictures had been posted in pictorial comment). According to the screenshots, Dream will be fighting with Coco/Mushiban, other cures fight with Mushiban subordinates with their own pair work(had mentioned above)

Let’s go to pictorial comments!
At the beginning, Karen pick up…

The last King- MontBlanc!!

The following is this ep’s op

Dream is becoming Chocolate statue…and her opponent is

Coco: I am tired of seeing Precure 5., Cure Dream! XD

Dream: Coco, I don’t know you hate me so much…but I can’t die, otherwise I can’t take part in the Movie next year…XD

On the other hand, Precure, Precure, Precure, Precure ~Pretty de cure cure~ Futari wa Precure..

ok, stop it. This is AquaRouge team fighting with Dry. The way they hold hand!? they want to cast the attack like Dream and Milky Rose?

Meanwhile,! Spark!Spark!Spark! Splash Star! (Precure) Futari wa Futari wa Precure!…

Again, I stop it. MintLemonade team fighting with Bitter, using Pretty Cure Twin Stream Splash! (it is not the case)

Come back to the ep…Nuts house become a hospital (as Kurumi request to be quiet)

He..llo, I am MontBlanc… (and fall down)
Syrup: ok, ok , since you are sick, you don;t need to introduce youself!

No need to think about why he has a bed to lay down, as the bed is palmin

Babaroa: Hello! everyone! long time no see! How are you?….(still talking)
Syrup: Hey! don’t alway talk so much when appear!

It can be seen how serious MontBlanc illness from Babaroa’s serious face

Memorial: ep 34, the scene when Karen takes care Milk (who has a fever)

On the other hand, Bunbee is in despair when he sees his empty wallet..

Go back to Nuts House, oh, MontBlanc is going to have treatment.

Before this shot, there is a shot when Rin say that she brings the heater, Komachi brings the flask (note : from their home)…I am thinking that why Nuts House don’t have these things…it’s weird…the two princes can afford to buy these things right? where they spend the money to? snacks?

Karen: let’s have a drop of cough syrup…(actually is diluted honey)

MontBlanc: is it expired? *cough*

look at Coco & Nuts expression…Coco, Nuts, you two still have a long way to become a real king like Donut.

Zetsubou no Karen…

like it has been a long time didn’t see Komachi and Karen alone..

After Komachi’s consultation, Karen take care MontBlanc very well…at the same time…

As Bunbee is ignored when he reach Nuts House, he come in from the window (good kid, don’t learn this)

This time he want Rose Pact for his promotion.

Today’s Hoshina, ice boulder. What is this Kamen Rider Monster pose!? (in old Kamen riders, when the monsters appear at the top of the mountain(? may be cliff), they pose this and introduce themselves)

E? Where’s Aqua?

Oh, here, she doesn’t forget to put MontBlanc back to the Pact

Bunbee’s rival~Milky Rose, I found that he always fight with Milky Rose and Aqua longer in the series

Bunbee is hesitating…
Bunbee: should I kill PC5? if so, I can’t appear in the show again…XD

and MontBlanc appear (to be healthier) in the middle of the fight
MontBlanc: Don’t worry, you (to Bunbee )won’t be appear in next FebXD

Karen’s counterattack! Bunbee’s another rival.

and he nearly eat Metal rose Blizzard…I think he is actually stronger than Nebatakos, because he can dodge both Metal and Rainbow rose..

Ah—-! I don’t want to be Bloody!

Don’t worry, guys. Bunbee is still ALIVE!

Next Ep:

Coco , Nuts and Syrup become sea animals, similar to comic version (they become reptile in comic version)

Even I am female, I have to comment this ! Why there is so much clothing on the girls? don’t want the three guys to see their sexy look? or because they don’t have body lines? The girls in Mermaid melody do not wear much clothing even though they don’t have body line…I don’t need PC5 wear like MMPPP, but at least give them a bikini would be better,like this picture found in Precure Channel:

the July illustration for 2009 calendar..
There is a crying Nuts, quite precious sceneXD
I suspect the Coco Nuts here are doing a “service” for BL girls

hopefully this clothing is not final…

and next ep, PC5 is going to fight in the sea!