Yes!Precure5GoGo Ep4 review

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Reviewed – by kokoda_koji

Really nice ep…drawing and animation had been powered up…I wonder why ep 2 can’t be like this…I am surprised that the fighting starts 8 minute after the show starts. The fighting is very exciting…last season last ep should do like this…One thing I notice that CocoNuts don’t do much things in ep 3 and 4 (ep 3 busy replying Milk letter, that’s ok they appear less, but ep 4, when they notice Palmin appears, Coco instructs Nuts and Syrup finding the Palmin (like the leader of Palmin research teamXD), other than that they just stand/sit there and talking to Syrup…they even don’t appear in battlefield)

What we can see in this ep:

  1. Syrup don’t know many things in human world (as he asks what’s actor)
  2. Bunbee’s work (writing and organizing document this time)
  3. Bunbee and Scorp relationship (Bunbee always call Scorp’s name wrongly, Scorp don’t bother to talk to him)
  4. Scorp’s power (? I only know that he is very powerful in this ep, can take 70% of the ep for fighting with Precure)
  5. Scorp vs Syrup (Syrup dodge him nicely, please refer to the pictorial comments)
  6. Some changes on the transformation (please refer to the pictorial comments)
  7. Precure Prism chain (I think the attack beginning like Venus Love me chain, later become Nebula chain…nice and expected animation (except the scene when Lemonade pull the chain, that’s a surprise). The images please refer to the pictorial comments & extra)
  8. New character, Donut kingdom’s king, first Palmin that become the king (not the items in last 3 eps)

ok, let’s go to the pictorial comments:

This time I arrange these picture not according to the ep order.

1. Coco, Nuts and Syrup

I thought Coco and Nuts should be busy with the shop open? they still have the free time to see Urara’s acting..This picture can see the three guy’s shoes. Coco is sport shoe (finally, I think sport shoe suit him more than the leather shoes in last season) Syrup is leather shoes like Coco in last season. Nuts shoes is not boot this tiem, but I can;t explain what kind of shoes it is…Syrup is obviously shocked of Urara’s action. Syrup come here of course…

delivering a pack of letters from Milk||| Coco is again shocked of these amount of letter, but not like last ep:


This is probably the only close up for Nuts, Coco has more but I only post one (the above one) here. The director draw them such nice, yet they don’t do much thing….


This is a good demonstration from Syrup , how to make use of human/animal transformation, Coconuts should learn from him.

2. Precure 5 (without Urara)

Firstly, post the change of the transformation:

4 split scene transformation on the left picture, this time Nozomi take Urara’s position.

The right picture I think it fulfil rakuem’s wish…this one make me recall the transformation of Nagisa and Honoka, esp the scene after they finish transform. Last season can’t do this probably because there is no butterfly sphere wave surrounded PC5

My favourite scene in the fighting part.. the style look like movie
3. Urara/Lemonade

First seen this I feel it really look like Love me chain (the beginning), later part become very powerful, like Nebula chain (probably more powerful than those two chain). I feel that this season attacks are more united, first action cross hand, and end with butterfly mark, and from here, we can see Lemonade has similar movement to Mint at the beginning. Therefore I assume that Rouge attack may have similar movement to Dream or Aqua (I think to Dream more) at the beginning.

4. Others

Bunbee is really like a office boy (should be man) in this ep…

The content of one of Milk’s letter…I thought the kingdom is still under construction…it is like almost revived..Milk can send photo to Coco and Nuts , that means Palmier animals know camera?

New Character! Donut King. That’s why he stands out in the eyecatch..

Pictures after the ep. The left one is the firework in the op:

Extra: Venus Love me chain and Nebula chain clip

Since this ep has Prism chain, let us recall Lemonade senior(?) attacks
the first one is Venus Love me chain, 9 sec

Venus is my most favourite character in Sailor Moon. Her chain uses most in Sailor Moon R & S, but I think hers not very powerful, her crescent beam and Love and beauty shock are more useful…

The second one is Nebula chain, from Saint Seiya, this is the scene when Shun vs Gemini, he tell Gemini and us the use of Nebula chain, the BGM is the image song called nebula chain by Shun’s voice^^U
As introduced, Shun only use square chain for attack and circle for defense

Conclusion: Venus and Shun only can throw a chain for attack, but Lemonade can throw 2 chains