Black Rock Shooter Chaichi Black Rock Shooter non-scale GK by Nikukyu Daiou

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Nikukyu Daiou ( にくきゅ~大王 ) is going to release the Chaichi Black Rock Shooter ( ちゃいちー・B★RSブラック★ロックシューター ) non-scale GK from the anime “Black Rock Shooter” ( ブラック★ロックシューター ). Will be released in the Treasure-Festa 2010 in Ariake 3 on May 04, 2010. Around 100mm tall, 6,000 yen. Kit is not per-painted nor assembled.

Just like the size of GSC Nendoroid, Nikukyu Daiou is bringing us the Chaichi Black Rock Shooter GK in Treasure-Festa 2010 in Ariake 3! At first the sculptor want to make the parts of this BRS exchangeable with Nendoroid, then he thought it was kinda pointless so just made her a fixed GK. Btw, I think 6,000 yen is kinda expensive for a GK in this size. But for those who love BRS, she is worth every penny. =]

You will find Nikukyu Daiou in table コ27-28 at Treasure-Festa 2010 in Ariake 3

Sadly the Dead Master is not ready yet

Original Black Rock Shooter