Yes!Precure5GoGo Ep10 review

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Reviewed – by kokoda_koji

After Syrup plays around with girls (?), travelling to Palmier and having a detective party in Nuts House, finally…our dear Milky Rose appears! The story and the animation won’t let us down (though there may have some minor color errors in the ep). Milky Rose is very fantastic and cool, pray that she is not Milk…(even the character in human form and animal form are different, Milk does not match Milky rose character)We also can see a new teamwork here, i.e. Bunbee and Scorp. In these few ep, Bunbee treats Scorp better than the beginning (don’t know why). This time Scorp pronounces Bunbee wrongly (like revenging Bunbee). Their operation and cooperation is really good, if Milky Rose did not appear, PC5 probably will go to Eternal to save Coco, Nuts and Syrup…(actually want to see this happen as well^^).

I found that Coco in recent episodes become more handsome (he is already handsome anyway).Is it because he is the most popular among the boy/man’s group? (In the radio Coconuts, all the guests said they like Coco more) Nuts looks like sub character recently…Another thing I feel odd is the drawing of the gloves (the palm part), sometimes I found that they draw wrongly …

In this ep, we can see:

  1. Milky Rose appears (of course! as said in the title)
  2. What happen to the useless staff in Eternal (please see pictorial comments for details)
  3. Cinq Lumiere school garden (? did it appear as full view before? I think no)
  4. Flashback of Pc5 ep 24 (quite surprise there are flashbacks in this ep)
  5. Nozomi’s thought towards Coco (become stronger and stronger I feel)
  6. Flora (long time no see)

Let’s go to pictorial comments!

This week is combined special for the four Super hero shows, so you will see this in the op:

Dream and Kamen Rider Kiva

Today’s Eternal office

Bunbee has funny gestures at the beginning…

eavesdroping Anacordy’s meeting (by the way, who she is meeting with? the boss?)

and Scorp has to write report again, his eyes are really black…

of course he is not happy with writing report everyday. If continuing like this, he will be abandoned and thrown to a dark maze forever (if I am not wrong)…

Another dimension in Eternal….


Today’s Flora and Donut

Flora looks fatter(?) than the beginning…is it because she sleeps too well?

cool as normal, and looks fine, Donut! He appears for warning Coco, Nuts and Syrup (that part like having man’s /animal’s meeting)


Today we can see two dual: Scorp vs Pc5 and Bunbee vs Coco,nuts and Syrup

Round one: Bunbee vs Coco,nuts and Syrup

who wins? of course Bunbee, and these three useless guys become hostages:

Nuts is like appearing to be hostage…

Round two: Scorp vs Pc5

who wins, at first Scorp wins, later become like this:

Scorp retreats!

Dream: Hey! don’t suddenly disappear…Ahhhhhh—–

children should not imitate this!


Before Milky appears there is a moment I feel is very nice:


This pose, don’t you remember? (not Sailor Teleport)


Although Milky moment can be seen in last post, I post some Milky pictures that I think is excellent shots

When she appears with the blue rose, really want to play the BGM when Sailor Uranus and Neptune appears.

Comparing to Luminous, she is apparently stronger than her. I like her eyes.


Lastly, man gallery(?)

The male characters in this ep are very well-drawn, esp Coco and Scorp

P.S. about the part when Milky talk to PC5:

Milky: (to Dream) You can’t be like that (that I think it means you cannot be so easily defeated)
After Bunbee is beated
Milky: Important things is easily lost. If you think they are very important, you should protect them properly.

I think it should be translated like this.


Added by GGT:

Milk Rose is so badass!!! =D