2010 Spring anime Part 1: TV anime

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2010 Spring anime Part 1: TV anime

  • Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia ( March 02, 2010)
  • Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor (March 26, 2010)
  • Shouka (March 27, 2010) ~1 episode
  • Hana Kappa (March 29, 2010)
  • Ring ni Kakero 1: Shadow (April 02, 2010)
  • Jewelpet New Series (April 03, 2010)
  • Major 6th Series (April 03, 2010) ~25 episodes
  • Hime Chen! Otogi Chikku Idol Lilpri (April 04, 2010)
  • Giant Killing (April 04, 2010) ~26 episodes
  • K-ON!! (April 06, 2010)

March is coming soon and so as the new Spring 2010 anime season! As a lot of people noticed, we don’t have many Loli or Moe anime in Spring. And Strike Witches 2nd season and Sekirei 2nd season aren’t airing in Spring. Fortunately we still have some good show like K-ON!! (now it has two “!” for the 2nd season), Angel Beat!, and Black Rock Shooter OVA! =D

Beside those, there is only one anime that I’m interested for Part 1: TV anime. It is Giant Killing. I love the manga a lot. I wonder if I will like the anime too, but 26 episodes is kinda long.

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    ( March 02, 2010)

    The five original Bakugan that helped restore order to New Vestroia are captured, and Drago is now being targeted by the Vexos that are taking over New Vestroia. With the help of Dan and the Battle Brawlers, Drago believes he has enough power to free New Vestroia and his friends.

    (March 26, 2010)


    The fourth in the tournament-style show based around. Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Seven schools are constantly “at war” with each other, the students within being skilled fighters and constantly battling with rival schools. The new series introduces Bachou Mouki, the Ma Chao character’s counterpart.

    (March 27, 2010) ~1 episode

    (March 29, 2010)

    (April 02, 2010)

    After defeating Black Shaft’s makeshift Team America, the Golden Japan Jr. team return to training for the World Tournament, held in Tokyo. But the Shadow Clan, who use boxing to kill, kidnap Kiku in order to lure Ryuji and the others into a fight that will see who’s truly Japan’s better junior boxers.

    (April 03, 2010)


    (April 03, 2010) ~25 episodes

    The anime is based on Takuya Mitsuda’s long-running manga about a young pitcher who aspires to follow in his father’s footsteps into the major leagues.

    (April 04, 2010)


    A TV adaptation of the trading card arcade game, that distributes customizable trading cards for children to get the characters to perform activities, magic and music. The story centers on three elementary school girls who can change into idol princesses.

    (April 04, 2010) ~26 episodes

    East Tokyo’s team is nearing the bottom of Japan’s top soccer league table, consistently losing, team morale is low and fan support dwindling – the ETU are in danger of being finished forever. Only the coach is blamed, but he is ready to prove that the team can win against the nation’s biggest club.

    (April 06, 2010)


    A continuation of the high school comedy about a bassist and drummer who desperately try to revive the school’s understaffed light music club. After finding a keyboardist, they mistakenly think they have also found a guitarist prodigy in new student Yui, who in fact can only play the castanets.

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