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Futari wa Precure Max Heart Cure Black non-scale action figure by CM’s Corp.

CM’s Corp. is going release the Gutto Kuru Figure Collection 20 Cure Black ( キュアブラック ) non-scale action figure from the anime “Futari wa Precure Max Heart” ( ふたりはプリキュアMax Heart ). Will be released in August 2009. Around 200mm tall, 9,800 yen. Continue reading »

School Days review

Reviewed by – SoraXNagisa/Demyx_Nozomi

Now what’s your first reaction when you see this picture? ‘KAWAII!!’, right? Yeah, me too. But that’s not what this review is all about. This time, i review School Days, which i deem to have THE MOST CONFUSING LOVE STORY IN HISTORY. Continue reading »