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Nekomagic was down

Nekomagic was down on Saturday (July 14). It’s common for us to go offline once in awhile since I don’t have money to pay for a good host. But this time it was really sux. =( Continue reading »

We got Hacked! Please scan your computer!

For those who have me in your Facebook or Twitter, you should already know what happened. For those who don’t, here is the story. We got hacked and some Malicious scripts were added in some pages at around 5:10pm PST on May 10, 2011. I noted it at around 6:50pm PST and took the site offline and tried my best to fix it.

Note: Please scan your computer for infection! Continue reading »

October 28, 2010 News Update:


  • As of this moment, is ranked 98,498 (was 89,022 in September 2010). We dropped back a little again. But as long as we’re still within 100,000, I’m happy about it.
  • Right now, we have 6,718 registered user (6,296 in September 2010). We have a lot more new member this month then I expect. =D
  • Currently we have 1,126 feed subscribers (1,115 in September 2010), and 720 email subscribers (706 in September 2010). I wonder why we don’t really have any growth on RSS feed. People don’t like RSS feed these days?

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September 27, 2010 News Update:

The new server sux! Now I’m looking for another server now. Seems like the normal hosting can’t handle Nekomagic and we’ll have to go for the business level server. It is a good thing that we’re getting this big, but the problem is I need more $$$ to maintenance it. That’s why you see the “Donate” button! Thank you for those who had donated to Nekomagic in the past few days before knowing what happened to us! Anyway, I’ll talk about it later. Let’s see our stat for the past month. Continue reading »

August 23, 2010 News Update:

Welcome to our new home! August isn’t fun for me at all. Moving server for Nekomagic was a big task for me which took me around 2 weeks. How do you guys like the new server? Honestly I don’t really like it. I experienced a lot of 500 error when I tried to post or edit. Do any of you see the same 500 or even 404 error? Continue reading »

Welcome (New) Home!

Welcome (New) Home everyone!!! We’re in the new server now. Good job Mayoi, you finally make it home! Please come back from .Net. I wouldn’t update .Net anymore. Actually I’ll close in a few day when I make sure this .Com is really working. Continue reading »

August 15, 2010: Moving Server AGAIN

I’m trying to move server AGAIN in the next few hours. Just want to let you know that everything you do during this time period, such as leave comment, edit profile, and register, will be lost during the moving period. Sorry for the inconvenience. DONE!!!!

August 16, 2010: Moved to a server now! Continue reading »

August 07, 2010: Moving Server

I’m moving the Nekomagic database to a new server now. I think it will take me around an hour to do so. For the time being, you will be not be able to leave comment or register. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Update August 07, 2010: FAIL!

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July19, 2010 News Update:

Finally World cup is over and I’m going back to my usual life! Not much update this month since I spent most of my time on World Cup, didn’t really do anything else. =P Continue reading »

June 19, 2010 News Update:

World Cup is killing me. I live in the west coast of Canada so the time zone difference sux. Have to get up at 4:30am to watch the first match isn’t fun. XD Continue reading »

May 26, 2010 News Update:

Wow I’m almost 2 weeks late for posting this Neko Magic News update. I was really busy in the past 2 weeks for the self employment thing and needed to prepare stuff for a job post.

This post contains adult material, you need to be 18 or over to view it. Continue reading »

April 17, 2010 News Update:

First, welcome our new sponsor HobbyLink Japan!!! I bought 90% of my figures from them and I never have problem with them. I highly recommend them to you if you’re looking for a reliable online store. Currently they’re having a “Spring Sale” and you really should go check it out. =D Continue reading »

March 16, 2010 News Update:

Some of you might notice that the update on Nekomagic is kinda slow in the past few weeks. It was because I had another project to do so I couldn’t update as fast as I could. And because of that, I didn’t even have time to reply all the massages and emails, sorry about that. m(_ _)m Continue reading »

February 17, 2010 News Update:

Happy Lunar New Year! And it’s the year of Tiger this year, ROAR! Continue reading »

Nekomagic Got Hacked! =(

Update: For those who got redirected to the Chinese porn site last night meant that your firewall/anti-virus didn’t block the virus. Chance are you got infected already, PLEASE SCAN YOUR COMPUTER ASAP!! Continue reading »

January 08, 2010 News Update:

This is the first News update of the year. I wish everybody a wonderful and happy New Year!

Christmas and New Year really hurt our traffic since we didn’t have figure news at all.

  • As of this moment, is ranked 158,380 (was 175,556 in Dec 2009). We are going back up a little but still not as good as half year ago which we always got in 100,000 once in awhile.
  • Right now, we have 4,385 registered user (4,125 in Dec 2009), 961 feed subscribers (839 in Dec 2009), and 466 email subscribers (437 in Dec 2009). User registration and email subscription are slowing down just like last month, but for some reason the feed subscription has a big hit. Maybe there is some error in the database?

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December 09, 2009 News Update:


Nothing speical happened last month so I totally forgot to post our Nekomagic monthly news last month! XD

  • As of this moment, is ranked 175,556 (was 156,505 in Oct 2009). We dropped like crazy again but I can see that we’re coming back slowly in the 7 days and 1 month ranking.
  • Right now, we have 4,125 registered user (3,815 in Oct 2009), 836 feed subscribers (750 in Oct 2009), and 437 email subscribers (409 in Oct 2009). Seems like the amount of the user registration is slowing down.

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October 26, 2009 News Update:


Sorry guys, I forgot to post our Nekomagic monthly news until today. Since it’s almost the end of October, the stats here can’t repesent the real stat of Nekomagic in September anymore. =/

  • As of this moment, is ranked 156,505 (was 116,736 last month). We dropped like crazy!!! (T T.
  • Right now, we have 3,815 registered user (3,494 last month), 750 feed subscribers (701 last month), and 409 email subscribers (365 last month). But this doesn’t mean anything since we’re at the end of October now. =/

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